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iPad And iPod Touch Gets Google Voice App

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Just a few weeks before on November 16th, Google released its official Google Voice web app for iPhone users. User need to have iPhone with iOS 3.1 or later to use this application.

As we said in our previous article, Google never stops releasing new things daily and new updates daily. Here is one more. Google released its Google Voice app to iPad and iPod touch users.

Google voice app for iPad and iPod touch comes with many features such as sending and receiving free text messages – except, of course, make cellular calls.

google voice web app for ipod and ipad

Now iPod or iPad can be used to initiate Google Voice calls with your phones and this feature is called as Click2Call. Simply click any ‘Call’ button in the Google Voice app on your iPod or iPad and then select which of your phone number you want to ring. Google Voice will call your phone and then connect your call.

Awesome isn’t it? Well Google has made a few other improvements to the app and they are,

  1. When you enable Push Notifications, we will automatically disable Text forwarding for you, so you won’t receive multiple notifications.
  2. You can send all callers straight to voicemail by turning on Do not disturb in the Settings tab.
  3. dedicated Contacts button to the Dialer tab to initiate calls from the address book.
  4. Sending text messages is now more streamlined since you don’t need to press the OK button anymore.
  5. Tap and hold messages in your inbox to archive or delete them.

Well there are few better improvements for iPad and iPod users. As similar to iPhone users, even iPad and iPod users need to have their device updated to iOS 3.1+ and an valid Google voice account to avail Google Voice web app.

As always, the service and app is only available in the US!

Download Google voice web application for iPad and iPod from Apple’s app store.

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