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Watch out! Mozilla is Seriously Working On Boot-To-Gecko Mobile OS!

Mozilla Boot-to-Gecko OS

Android is growing rapidly in the Mobile OS market with the booming iOS and slowly emerging Windows Phone OS. And hence there’s been a  deadlock situation for both Blackberry and Symbian. In this fierce battle of different Mobile Operating Systems, Mozilla is trying to step into this with it’s own Mobile OS know as “Boot-to-Gecko(B2G)“.

Mozilla is seriously working on it’s own mobile OS Boot-to-Gecko (B2G) after being stumbled down by Chrome Browser day by day.

A while ago, Mozilla presented quite an ambitious project, Boot to Gecko (B2G) a completely new operating system built around Gecko (the rendering engine of Firefox). We thought it would be pretty much similar to Chrome OS. However, Mozilla has a different plan with B2G,  as it is targeting on mobile phones rather than the light notebooks.

What could be the Concept?

Mozilla made it clear that it will be using Android as their codebase, but with lots of customization which includes the entire user interface.It would also include all the necessary mobile features like SMS, Diapad, Data Connectivity etc.

Below is a stenciled image about the Boot-to-Gecko concept:

Mozilla Boot-to-Gecko OS Concept UI

They demoed it! Watch these videos!

According to Mozilla’s milestone plan, they had promised to demo the first set of working features and here we go, The Mozilla  team demoed their work so far at a MozCamp Asia. Below are the videos of that demo, courtesy of Mozilla Tunisia:

How does it look? Well, it’s too early for us also to jump onto the conclusion. But Mozilla is working hard, as it’s not that easy to gain mobile OS market while there are already big players in the tug-of-war! Hope for the best @Mozilla.

What do you think? Will Mozilla be able to gain its spot in this crowded mobile OS market? Share your thoughts by hitting comment section now.

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