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Geek vs Nerd (Infographic)

In this digital world, we always meet many kind of persons and most of the people are categorized into Geeks and Nerds. Geeks are the lover of gadgets and Nerds are the ones who work behind developing those gadgets.

There’s always been a cold war between Geeks and Nerds, meanwhile people are always confused whom to choose a Geek or a Nerd. I myslef have come across many geeks and nerds, and it’s always been a tough call for me also to choose anyone among the two.

Although Geek and Nerd seems to be a similar type of synonyms, but the history of both the terminologies are very much different. Here are some of the facts on Geeks and Nerds:

  • 37% of Bloggers are identified as Geeks
  • 87% of people prefer the word “Geek” over “Nerd”
  • Most of the Geeks use Mac OS whereas Nerds use PC
  • Geeks can fall in love both Geeks and non-geeks, while the Nerds always fall in love with Nerds 😉
Below is an Infographic by MasterinIT which provides various traits of Geeks and Nerds and lets you decide whether you’re a Geek or a Nerd:

Infographic (Click to enlarge)

So what do you think, are you a GEEK or a NERD?? :), hit the Comment section to answer.
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