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18 Stunning Steve Jobs Infographics

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc,  changed the world with his thoughts and creative ideas. He is remembered for his inspiring quotes and invaluable speeches given by him. “Stay hungry…Stay Foolish” is one of the famous quotes which depicts more about him and his ideals.

Steve Jobs was a legendary icon who believed in innovation. The best thing about him was he was unpredictable and was respected in each and every decision he had to make. The day when Steve Jobs had resigned as a CEO, was a shocker to each and everyone of us, but we are always thankful to him for his amazing contributions to Apple which can never be forgotten.

On 5th October 2011, Steve Jobs passed away making all us remember him forever for his idealistic and inspiring nature. This post is a contribution to Steve Jobs from our side and all the creators of the below Infographics.

Here we put together some of the best Steve Jobs Infographics which depicts all about Steve Jobs and his inspiring life:

1. 15 Things to Know About Steve Jobs


2. Top 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs


3. 10 things Steve Jobs could say during sex


4. Steve Jobs Facts


5. Complete Journey of Steve Jobs and Apple


6. Steve Jobs VS Bill Gates



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