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Facebook Flaw : 100+ mn Facebook profiles leaked

Yes! Facebook is in news again with its one more flaw! I think F and F (Facebook and Flaws)Β is making very good news now a days in net.

This time Facbook has made big mistake. Let us ask a question here. How you will feel if your data is exposed to others? Is there is anything called PRIVACY in Facebook which facebook always speaks about?

This time the news is, “100 million facebook user profiles are leaked in web and anyone can download it!”

Many are even saying that the data is more than 100 millions! Well see below the was everyone are speaking about this.

Ron Bowles, an online security consultant, used a code to scan Facebook profiles, collected data not hidden by users’ privacy settings, and compiled a list, which is now available as a downloadable file, containing the URL of every “searchable” Facebook user’s profile, their name and unique ID.

People who use Facebook own their information and have the right to share only what they want, with whom they want, and when they want.

In this case, information that people have agreed to make public was collected by a single researcher and already exists in Google, Bing, other search engines, as well as on Facebook.

No private data is available or has been compromised.

The file is available to download in Bay, the world’s biggest file-sharing website.

File size: 2.8gb

No. of downlaods: 1500+

Name : lusifer69

Says: “list was awesome and a little terrifying.”

Internet watchdog Privacy International said Facebook had been given ample warning that something like this would happen.

Facebook should have anticipated this attack and put measures in place to prevent it.

It is inconceivable that a firm with hundreds of engineers couldn’t have imagined a trawl of this magnitude and there’s an argument to be heard that Facebook have acted with negligence.

It is inconceivable that a firm with hundreds of engineers couldn’t have imagined a trawl of this magnitude and there’s an argument to be heard that Facebook have acted with negligence.

This is nothing but the Facebook’s changes in privacy everytime! There are going to be a lot of angry and concerned people right now who will be wondering who has their data and what they should do.

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13 thoughts on “Facebook Flaw : 100+ mn Facebook profiles leaked”

  1. Saket says:

    OMG.. Slipping of 1 Mn profiles is really scary. I don't think Facebook can do anything against the torrent sites.

    Hope my profile isn't in that list πŸ™

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Even I am feeling the same buddy πŸ™ Hope our profiles are safe πŸ™

      Thanks for sharing your point.

  2. David Leonhardt says:

    On the one hand, FaceBook and other major user sites have large teams of engineers and there are things they can do to protect user privacy.

    On the other hand, I would be careful about calling it negligence, for two reasons:

    1. If a person puts up personal information on somebody else's website (such as FaceBook, Twitter or MySpace), they should know they are doing it in public, even if there is a curtain drawn. Is FaceBook negligent for not having pinned down the curtain when a gust of wind comes along? I am not a lawyer, but to me this is far from a black-and-white situation

    2. This is a free service. FaceBook members haven't paid a penny. People are quick to complain about things that go wrong ("flaws and FaceBook", "Fail Whales", etc.), but everyone who has put down a fair price for use of the service has the right to complain if they did not get their money's worth.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      I accept your view David πŸ™‚ But what i would like to say here is Facebook is very famous for its so called privacy.

      Many people shifted from other social networking sites to FB is for the things it had. Like privacy and many more.

      Obviously people will leave Facebook if they start paid services. πŸ™‚

      What you say about these things buddy? πŸ™‚

      1. David Leonhardt says:

        I agree. FaceBook made a big deal of privacy, and it seems to have fallen down on its face for that several times. So FaceBook created expectations that people feel it has not lived up to. I would not be surprised if people end up migrating elsewhere. That being said, I really don’t think it is clear that this is or isn’t “negiligence” in the legal sense of the word.

        And since people are not paying, they are free to come and go as they please. And they’ll seek out another free service (as you point out, most would never pay), and they’ll probably scream about something there, too – just as they do about Gmail problems and Fail Whales. But, as long as they don’t want to pay, do they really have a right to complain? You get what you pay for.

  3. Imran Yousaf says:

    This is very strange. A hacker from our world have hacked millons of IDs, what about highly paid engineers working at FB? Ithink this is very serious issue which is even not controlled by Microsoft. they also have new security loop holes even after release of Service Pack.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      You’re right Imran πŸ™‚ Both Facebook and Microsoft are having loop holes now a days!! Hope they find some good solution for this πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the comment buddy πŸ™‚

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