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9 Do-Not's of Professional Blogging

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Last week, we posted an article on the “9 Must-Do’s of Professional Blogging”. Well, we can’t just talk about what to do, without talking about what Not to do, can we? So here it is “9 Do-Not’s of Professional Blogging” =D

1) Don’t Steal

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The actual word is “plagiarize”. This is something we have to emphasize on. Stealing of content is a definite No-No! If you did your research, and obtained a part of your content from elsewhere, make sure you give credit accordingly.

Tech tip: when you use images from Flickr or other sites give credit just below the image as we give in < credit > tag 🙂

2) Don’t Spam

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If you’re going to send your readers updates on your blog via their emails/selected medium, make sure that they are expecting it. (On a side note, make sure you make it easy for them to unsubscribe too.)

Sometimes when your users comment on the post, check are they provided proper mail ID with gmail, yahoo or other well known mail ID providers. Some one can simply comment with These are spams. Be alert and move them to spam list as soon as possible 🙂

Tech Tip: have a look at the commenter’s blog as well. They may add non-existing  url’s.

3) Don’t Neglect your Readers


If you don’t want to engage, Don’t. Engaging your audience takes time and effort. If you’re not going to be there, don’t encourage your readers to leave comments that you don’t intend to reply to.

If you are getting comments on your post, its better to reply to that on same day or with-in 2 days. This makes your readers feel that you are genuine author who respects the readers.

Tech Tip: reply to comments with-in 2 days 🙂

4) Don’t Confuse your Readers


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Your blog has a theme. All blogs do. And the reason readers come to your blog is because they are interested in what you have to say regarding the said theme. Make sure your message is relevant to that theme. Don’t confuse your readers by giving them content which they didn’t expect. (Likewise with misleading titles)

5) Don’t be Mean

No matter how strongly you feel against something/someone, don’t vent your anger or displeasure on your blog. Understand that if your blog is a professional one, it is a part of the company’s or the brand’s image. If you have an opinion, it’s okay to voice it out and stay opinionated. But make sure you don’t come across as intentionally hurtful.

Tech Tip: DO NOT give link to other blog in negative way! Better leave a comment in professional way by asking “if i am correct me” 🙂 Makes good sense right?

6) Don’t do “Me Too” posts (Not too Often)


People come to your blog because you hold content that can’t be obtained anywhere else. If most of your posts are complementing other posts and just agreeing with them, without the slightest hint of having a unique perspective, then you’re not very interesting.

Tech Tip: Explore about the topic before posting!! Make unique post and get visitors! 🙂

7) Don’t be a Hypocrite

Practice what you preach. Or at least, really try to. Showing people that you walk the talk can often be the most convincing way to prove your point.

Tech Tip: write a post such a way that readers feel like chatting with friend 🙂

8) Don’t “Over-sell” your Blog


Okay, so you have written a post that you feel good about. You post it. Then what? You advertise it via the mediums available to you (E.g. on Twitter and on Facebook.) So far so good. But when your stream starts showing the same post over and over again, it starts to annoy. Try to moderate your “selling”.

9) Don’t include a background tune

Have you ever visited a blog where a tune starts playing in the background? I have, and it catches me off-guard. My ears don’t expect to be invaded by pleasant tunes all the time! Also, the songs that one person enjoys may not appeal to others. It can really deter your readers from spending more time on your blog.

Tech Tip: Don’t add annoying graphics or songs that may end up irritating your readers when they visit! There may not be a next time~


Here’s you go, the 9 Do-Not’s of professional blogging.. If you’re guilty of any of the above, time to stop. Like.. Now. Hope this helps~

Do you have any points to add to the list? Leave a comment! We would love to hear from you 🙂 Cheers!

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