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8 Best features of Facebook Questions


As we discussed before Facebook is having some or other problems everyday and in news for almost two or three months. In our previous post also we explained you one of  the big mistake by Facebook.

At the same Facebook is coming up new features everyday, which is making it to stay on top the social network. This time around we got to know its cool feature “Facebook Questions”, that allows user to post questions and get answers from the entire Facebook Community.

“Facebook Questions,” as the beta, or test, product is called, lets members “tap into the collective knowledge” of other members, Facebook’s director of product management Blake Ross said.

Facebook Questions is a beta version and it is available to selected users only. These selected members will see an “Ask Question” button at the top of their homepage.

“Since we like to develop products carefully over time with your help, Facebook Questions is available to a limited number of people right now, and we’ll be developing it rapidly based on their feedback. We’re aiming to bring this product to all of you as quickly as we can.” Ross said in Facebook Blog.

Following are few notable features in Facebook Questions.

1. Quality answer for your Questions


Facebook has recently reached 500 million users mark, which covers 80% of the world’s population. Don’t you think at least a one in 500 million can answer to your question?

Of course this is a great move by Facebook. It may find few big rivals like Yahoo! Answers, etc. Still it all depends on how it going to get changes.

2. Ask whom you like

Yes, this time Facebook has given a chance to its your user. They can fire a question to there friends group of to whole community. For instance, if you have a question about what type of camera you should buy, you could tag it with “Photography.” If you want to find the best bike routes in the area, you might tag it with “Cycling.”

The questions you ask will be shown to people who have expressed interest in the particular topics you tag, as well as to your friends and friends of friends.

3. Explore any Topic


Tagging themes also helps others benefit from the knowledge of everyone on Facebook. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to learn more about technology, social life or even how to train for a interview, Facebook Questions lets you see what others are asking about those subjects.

You can browse answers from people with deep knowledge on a topic or click “Follow” under any question to receive a notification each time someone submits a new answer.

4. Publish on wall

If a user posts a question, a small link referencing the question shows up in the “recent activity.” At the moment, Facebook Pages are not able to publish the questions onto their walls, a place that showcases all of the page’s activity and is a resource for users.

Being able to publish questions to the wall will let everyone to track a questions more easily and will feature questions in a familiar setting for easy interactions.

Tech Tip: The feature would be better if it was integrated with profile and page walls.

5. Like and Comment

Like any content on Facebook, users will expect to be able to comment on Questions and “like” them. Users are able to mark questions as either “helpful” or “unhelpful,” and these notes are tallied next to each question. But it isn’t the same as the familiar “like” functionality. Commenting is especially crucial, but is limited to answers of users your are friends with.


6. Type of Question

User can ask any kind of question, and they have the feature of adding a multiple answer kind of questions as well.

For an instance, if you to plan for  a trip and need to ask all your friends. Will you go and write on each and everyone’s wall and ask? How about having voting kind of question with Yes and No buttons? Isn’t it useful?

7. Analytics


Analytics will especially be important to brands using the feature on their pages. Brands will want to track and learn how to best engage their audience with Questions and most effectively use the feature. This would include tracking the number of people who responded to a poll question, how many followers a question received and similar metrics.

8. Post photos in Photo Questions

User can even ask a question by showing some photo. Isn’t a cool feature? Just imagine you want to ask a question to your friend on the photo they have added. You can use this feature right?


Well these are the best features which each and every user should know about Facebook Questions.

Even Google earlier this year bought Aardvark, a “social search” service that relies on a user’s social network contacts – including their Facebook contacts – to provide answers to questions. May be Facebook Questions will challenge to Google’s Aardvark. Let us wait and watch more space about it.

Got any new feature and like to be added under your name? Please do share it using our comment box and we will add it. Sharing is also Respecting 🙂

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