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Facebook Celebrates 7th Birthday!

happy birthday facebook< credit >

Before starting with our article Tech18 Staff would like to wish Facebook a very happy birthday! Facebook has reached one more milestone today by completing 7 long years on social network.

Do you guys need a intro to this social networking site, Facebook? OOPS! I think I asked a wrong question ūüėČ

It all started within a small hostel room which now reached every room in world now. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

We would like to take up this opportunity to explain about 7 years old Facebook in 7 fabulous points. Here we go!

#1. Inspiring Mark Zuckerberg

founder & inspiring Mark Zuckerberg

Today people from different points of world are connect with each other just because of 8 letter world FACEBOOK! We should say and hope everyone agree with me that we all are connected from different places just because one person, Mark Zuckerberg.

We added a world Inspiring before Mr. Zuckerberg name because many of us have a dream and goal to be one like him. Without any doubt, he is a inspiring person for many people around the world.

To say something about Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. He was born on May 14, 1984 in White Plains, New York. A¬†philanthropist best known for creating the world’s No.1¬†social networking site Facebook, of which he is¬†CEO and¬†president.

In 2010, Zuckerberg was named¬†Time magazine’s¬†Person of the Year.

Tech Link: Know more.

#2. Facemash -> Thefacebook ->

facemash website

Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facemash, the predecessor to Facebook, on October 28, 2003, while attending Harvard as a sophomore.

According to¬†The Harvard Crimson, the site was comparable to¬†Hot or Not,¬†and “used photos compiled from the online facebooks of nine houses, placing two next to each other at a time and asking users to choose the ‘hotter’ person”.

To accomplish this, Zuckerberg¬†hacked into the protected areas of Harvard’s computer network, and copied the houses’ private dormitory¬†ID images. Facemash attracted 450 visitors and 22,000 photo-views in its first four hours online.

Currently, Facebook is having more than 600 million registered users!

#3. No.1 Social Networking Site

facebook no.1 social networking site

No doubt about it! Facebook is currently a world’s No.1 social networking site. On August 18, 2008 Facebook took over top stop from its long time rival MySpace.

Well on April 2008, Facebook got most number of unique visitors than MySpace.

#4. Facebook & Its Security

facebook security features< credit >

Facebook is well known for its security features. Facebook team and Mr. Zuckerberg has always thought about having most secure way of social networking.

Facebook development team has always fought hard in keeping their loyal users away from bad guys out and keep you abreast of suspicious activity so you can quickly take action to correct it.

Well sometime it too failed to show complete secure Facebook. If you all remember, more than 100+ million users profiles were leaked outside Facebook on July 29, 2010.

#5. Facebook & Its Rivals


Hey guys I heard Google took over Yahoo. Hey I heard Facebook took over Google is that true? Yes! We are in a competitive world. Every website has many rivals.

As Facebook started growing it also started collecting n-number of rivals. To count a few, starting from MySpace Facebook even fought against big guns like Google and Yahoo!

Facebook kept growing and took over Google and Yahoo as top visited sites in US!

#6. Why Facebook?

facebook logo

Are you shocked after telling all this why are asking this question why¬†Facebook? If we don’t answer this question then there is no point in explaining about Facebook.

Facebook is a site to have your profile. Sharing your feelings as status updates. Sharing old pictures to have a safe stored memories. Communicate friends at different corners of the world. Playing a world famous games.

Let us stop here. If you start speaking about features of Facebook then there is no end. But we have got an article which actually speaks about A to Z of Facebook(PS: Not a complete A to Z).

#7. Facebook and 2010!

facebook 2010< credit >

Not but not the least, we reached our final point to show you some statistics about Facebook in 2010. 2010 was a balanced year for Facebook which got hit by many problems in between.

Mashable got a very interesting article to speak about Facebook in 2010. Following are the few top points which worth mentioning,

  1. more than 2.7 million photographs uploaded by users
  2. shared 1 million links
  3. ‚Äúliked‚ÄĚ 7.6 million pages every 20 minutes
  4. 1,851,000 status updates
  5. 10,208,000 comments

More to speak, but we recommend you to visit Mashable and have a look.

Hope these 7 points which we felt like worth sharing on this great moment. Lets us wish Facebook to have a successful years ahead and get more users.

Once again Happy Birthday Facebook ūüôā Have a blast!! ūüėÄ

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