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Firefox 4 Beta 11 By Early Next Week, Beta 12 Confirmed!

mozilla firefox 4.0 beta 8Mozilla is getting ready to put an end to its beta channel for Firefox 4.0 and working really hard towards it. We have been covering all the latest buzz happening in and around Firefox browser from long time.

Mozilla just released Firefox 4.0 Beta 10 just few days before. As said before, beta 11 was planned to be out in market by this week. But due to an issue that was found when building on Windows package causing some delay.

Well Beta 11 has been tagged and is spinning (build, QA validation) now. And it will be out by early next week.

firefox 4 beat 12 pre-release

Few days back Mozilla team was planning to have a Beta 12 to fix some bugs which could not be fixed before Beta 11 release. And today we got a confirmation that Mozilla will be extending its beta branch to Beta 12.

During product planning meeting Mozilla team said,

B12 has a small enough list of bugs that it’s plausible it will be the last beta, though we’re not locking that up, since some of the plugin work needs to crystallize before we can assess timing risk.

So this confirms we will be getting one more beta before Mozilla team move towards first release candidate. We may expect Beta 12 before mid of February. Minified version of Firefox 4 has already moved to Beta 12!

As for now, it seems like Firefox 4 first RC and final release will be delayed for couple of weeks. Firefox is really loosing some fair amount of users to its rival browsers as they keep delaying Firefox 4.0 release.

Hope Firefox soon comes back into browsers war strongly! What you guys say? 🙂

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