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15+ Killer SEO Tips to Optimize Twitter Tweet!

Twitter SEO

We all know that whatever we tweet on twitter will get indexed and is displayed in Google search engine results pages. The individual tweets can now be viewed as a unique listing in Google search engine which can affect your rankings by sending visitors to your website.

The outbound tweets to be promoted must be SEO optimized by adding niche keywords to these tweets. These tweets can be crafted to be unique until and unless it is not considered as spam from other users. If you are able to get visitors to your blog from Twitter which is indeed an SEO advantage that you cannot afford to miss.

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Twitter adds many advantages to your blog if you use in right way and proper manner. Well here are the few killer tips which can make your Tweets popular and SEO friendly.

1. User Name / ID

Twitter UserName

While choosing a twitter username, make sure it is relevant to your blog or website and  easy to remember as it is the part of the SEO title for the tweets appearing in Google search engine. You should handle Twitter name strategically. This is the first and most important step to make your tweets SEO friendly.

Tech Tip: For example, Our blog is Tech18 so the twitter name is @Tech18Blog . What if we had some asdf as twitter ID? Will it make sense?

2. Twitter Bio

Your Twitter “bio”, is actually your meta description. Make sure to include keywords as compared to meta description of your website/blog. Twitter bio acts as best source for SEO.

3. Show URL

Do not forget to display URL of your blog /website prominently on your twitter profile page. This will eventually increase the organic traffic as people often click the URL for seeking more information. It is important to note that this link does not provide any SEO link juice due to a “No follow” attribute in twitter.

4. Twitter Page Description

Use target keywords on your profile page and make sure to use keywords in your Tweets. Do not forget to use “#” key in front of the important keywords in your tweets as it acts as a SEO keyword in Twitter.

5. Inbound Links

Just post articles with an anchor text link to your Twitter profile on article syndication sites. This strategy helps in boosting your profile’s page rank.

Tech Tip: Increase in your profile page rank will indirectly have a effect on your blog ranking as your profile linked to it 😉


If you have lots of quality or loyal followers you will be popular among the twitter users, which will eventually boost page rank of your profile page.

Tech Tip: More the number of  quality users, the more RT’s 😉

7. Twitter Link in your site

Place Twitter profile Link in footer or sidebar, which is accessible via every page. If any of your blog visitor likes your blog, they may like to follow you on twitter as well. This will increase your online identity and hence increases number of followers on Twitter.

8. Follow Related Theme Profiles Only

Search engines increases your twitter profile link juice when you are able to get followers from good PR twitter profiles. Make sure that you add only those twitter users that are related to your blog content or  tweets on similar interest. This will increase number of RT’s and thereby traffic of your blog.

Tech Tip: Try to RT the tweets related to your theme. This may force your followers to RT your own post 😉

9. URL Shortening

Twitter URL shortner

TinyURL,,, are some of the popular URL shortening services that redirect users to the real URL via 301 (permanent redirect) and provide backlinks to your content. Search engines do not index these url shorteners, but index and pass PageRank to the actual URL’s instead.

10. Tweet Title

The most important SEO aspect  of your post for consideration is the first 27 characters. It’s this first part that becomes part of the <TITLE> on your Twitter static pages. Twitter uses the following <TITLE> format:

Twitter / Your Username: 27 Characters..

Tech Example: Google Chrome version 6, 7 and 8 by this year end!

In the above example, the main SEO keywords are “Google”, “Chrome” and “Version”. If you count the letters, all these three words comes within 27 characters.

The same SEO rules that you apply to write optimized titles for the post must be used for twitter tweets as well. The only difference is that you have a restriction of 27 Characters as compared to 65 Characters in Blog Posts. For optimized tweets use keyword rich Titles within first 27 characters.

11. Keywords in Tweet content

Twitter does not allow you to tweet for more than 140 characters. Instead of automatically shortening the links on, it is strongly advised to use URL shortening service like (as said in above point). Once your URL is shortened, you have much more space to include more target keyword into twitter content.

Tech Tip: again! DO NOT forget to use “#” key in-front of the important keywords.

12. Hashtags

Hashtags are similar to keyword meta-data. Basically, these are tags that  help those who seek similar content and  discover your Tweets. They’re like tags on Blog, only added inline to your post. Hashtags are created by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag. This will help the visitors to view your tweet around a particular topic.

13. Re-Tweet strategy

An indexed tweet provides 27 characters or so for title post excluding twitter username. Make sure your tweet’s character limits allow for optimal re-tweets. It is important to keep the tweet under 100 characters, allowing your followers to add “RT @Tech18Blog” in front of the tweet.

14. RT username deletion

If your post starts getting many number RT’s in chain, it may exceed twitter rule(140 characters). Many a times link will only get deleted. To show link some of us delete all the “RT @Tech18Blog”  text before re-tweeting into the Twitter Network. But it is not advisable, as the strategy could have adverse impact on your twitter profile pagerank. Instead you can add the RT @Tech18Blog at the end of the Retweeted content.

15. RT others posts

This is the most important part for getting huge twitter traffic. In order to get more traffic and relevance to your tweet make sure that you re-tweet other blog articles and encourage your followers to share (re-tweet) your Twitter content. Keep in mind the Re-tweet strategy discussed above.

16. Direct Messages

Many of your followers may not be subscribed for RSS feeds in your blog. So they may not be knowing whether you published any new post. So its advised to send DM’s / Direct Messages to your loyal followers, which can get more views and RT’s of your post.


These are the best tips which each and every twitter user as well as blog owners should follow to SEO optimize your tweet. Personally we advice everyone to follow these tips.

Are you following all these tips? What you feel? Anything missing here? Please let us and everyone know about it. 😉 Have a tweeting day ahead 😀

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