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Top 40+ Twitterrific Google Chrome Extensions

Twitter  , the place where a Twitterer is given  140 characters to express  in front of other twitter users and prove that he/she is Twitter Rockstar. Twitter Rockstars are those who use the Twitter resources efficiently and smartly.

In today’s  case we have currently two great resources =>one is Google Chrome Browser and the other is Twitter.  Using these two resources ,  I am going to list out some Twitterrific (Twitter+Terrific) Google Chrome Extensions which will  turn you into a complete Twitter Rockstar 🙂

These extensions provides the inside-out of Twitter, So choosing the right extensions depends on your creativity and needs, so below are 40+ Twitter based Google Chrome Extensions to increase your productivity on Twitter :

Chrome Bird is an efficient Twitter client which not only allows basic Twitter functions but also integrates with Twitter lists , addition or deletion of new tabs, URL preview and custom search queries.

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Twitter Extender is a Chrome extension which increases your productivity on web and hence gives you many options a Twitter client gives.


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Now quickly share the page on which you are residing using this small Twitter button as shown above. This extension uses url shortener service.

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Metrists is a very simple and elegant twitter client through which you can easily view the timeline, reply and RT (Old Style).

Note: This extension doesn’t use oAuth Authorization , so use at your own risk.

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A must have twitter client for any twitter user , who has no time to look upon the desktop twitter applications and just want to surf the web and tweet.

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Twitter Reactions is a simple chrome extension that allows you to view the current reactions or Tweets of the page that you are browsing. Have a look at the video below to understand it better.


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Twitter Creation date displays the exact date on which that twitter account had joined twitter below their profile as seen above.


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Twitex is yet another twitter client which paginates all the tweets and shows them in dual tabs as seen above. It also includes Basic Twitter functions such as Old Style RT, DM, Reply, Favorite and Search.

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Twitter Pulse chrome extension lets you find the most Retweeted post or article of the website you are browsing. This is done using API.


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21 thoughts on “Top 40+ Twitterrific Google Chrome Extensions”

  1. Mani Viswanathan says:

    Seriously amazing collection dude 🙂

    I would love to use the Twitter Extender 🙂 Thanks for sharing them.

  2. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    Terrific!! Thanks for spending your valuable time and giving us this excellent list.

    Treat for Twitter and Chrome lovers. Cheers!

  3. Mufti says:

    Great list, nice collections

  4. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Awesome collection Sunil. Most of these tools are new to me. 😀

  5. Whiztechy says:

    Awesome list,how many hours it took to complete this list? I am a Twitter fan but I was not aware that there are so many Twitter extensions available for Google Chrome. Great work 🙂

  6. Sushant @ Earn Money says:

    I'm still a firefox user but after seeing this extentions, may switch to chrome soon

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