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Download Firefox 4 Beta 4 with Tab Candy ready!

Firefox 4 beat 4

Well the much awaited next version Firefox 4 beta is ready for download. Firefox 4 beta 4 is yet to be officially announced by Mozilla and it is already ready for download.

The breaking news is, Firefox’s much awaited Tab Candy feature has been added in Beta 4. Tab Candy feature is working perfectly in Beta 4 and users are able make groups and take full advantage of it.

Firefox 4 Tab Candy

Apart from Tab Candy, Firefox has improved the Hardware acceleration as well. The status of the new JaegerMonkey JavaScript engine is unclear, as there is no Firefox build with this engine available yet. However, the developer team is reporting performance improvements several times a week. Right now, JaegerMonkey has taken Firefox below the 500 ms mark to about 496 ms in Webkit’s Sunspider benchmark. The goal is about 400 ms or slightly less.

What are you waiting for now? Go grab your Beta 4 and make most out of it.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 4 now!

Please let us know what you feel about the new Beta 4! Sharing is caring 😉

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