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Go Green with Your WordPress Blog



Go Green with Your WordPress Blog

As we all know that Internet Browsing consumes a lot of energy in global level when compared to other resources. Our blogs are also responsible for Global Warming as the Internet Browsing emits certain amount of CO2 to the atmosphere which leads to Global Warming.

Online Leaf has developed a wordpress plugin which will install a green standby engine on your blog.

This engine will automatically generate a blackish background eliminating the animations and high graphics present in the blog when the visitors become inactive on your blog.

This results in less consumption of power from the monitor as the dark colors requires less energy consumption.

Below is the screen shot of the image which is created when your visitors become inactive

Go Green With your WordPress blog

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I am Proud to have a Green Website. Are you ??? If yes then comment here and show others or else Download the plugin and then have your comment here 😉 😉

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