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Explore Images with Google Image Swirl in Google Labs Now !!!!

Google labsGoogle launched one of it’s experimental feature in Google labs called Google Image Swirl, which searches for images and groups them in an funny and interactive interface. [via]

The idea of adding “Find Similar Images” in the images search have triggered them to launch Google Image Swirl.

How does Google Image Swirl Work??
That’s a straight forward question from our visitors as soon as they read this post. So here are the screen shots which will help us to know more about Google Image Swirl.

For Eg: Let us consider i need to search images fro “Apple”
Step 1: Firstly we would browse to Google Image Swirl Page.

Step 1

Step 2: Google Auto Complete will help us in finding our images.

Step 3:  Now we are on the result page , we could see a group of images with each having a 3d look in it.

Step 3

Step 4: Clicking on anyone of the image will result us the images in the form of a topology where in our clicked image is surrounded by by a group of images as shown below.

Step 4

Step 4


Google Image Swirl is developed on the technologies of similar images and Picasa Face Recognition. Here in the result page each thumbnail represents a group of other relevant images by name and appearance. Currently they have 2,00,000  queries  and are planning it to increase it further.

As this feature in experimental , so they would require all your feedback to develop it more. You can give your Feedback’s here.

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