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How To : Upload Pictures Within Twitter Web

Yes, you heard it right 🙂 Now you can easily upload pictures within Twitter without depending on any other third party applications to upload your pictures and then tweet the links.

New Twitter has started rolling out new features slowly and they started off with “Image Upload” feature and this feature is powered by “Photobucket”, one of widely used photo sharing site, which means all the images are hosted by Photobucket servers.

Although Twitter will support all the third party applications, but still users will love to use this feature as you can easily comment on the image uploaded just by replying to the tweet through which the image was uploaded and also delete the image by deleting the tweet.

The “Image Upload” API is currently unavailable to the Third party Developers, but very soon Twitter will release the API’s also.

Now let’s start off on How to Upload Image from Twitter itself :

Step 1:

Browse to and click the “Camera” button as shown below

Step 2:

Once you click the button, you will prompted to select the image and after selecting the image, enter the desired words for your image to be uploaded

Step 3:

Click the “Tweet” button

Once you’ve clicked the “Tweet” button, your tweet will be displayed on the Twitter Timeline as shown below


Note : Twitter’s “Image Upload” Feature is rolling over slowly, so it might take some time for few people to use this feature.

So what are you waiting for you ? ? 🙂 Jump into the Twitter Web and have fun uploading pictures. Thanks for reading and share it with your friends if you liked it 😀 Happy Tweeting 🙂



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