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What Annoys People About Emails? [Infographic]

Email, the never ending communication media through which everyone has succeeded and will be successful forever. Email also know as Electronic Mail (e-mail) is widely used by almost all the Internet users and can never be replaced by any other communication medium :).

What would have happened if there was no “Email” ??

  • We would’ve never been connected to any of our friends online
  • Our Knowledge would’ve never been enhanced without any latest news falling into our mailbox 😉
  • Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and other Social Networks would’ve not gained the boom and popularity which they’ve gained now
  • We would still depend on the postal system and wait for days to deliver the message and receive it back

But I’m thankful to all the technicians and Engineers who has provided Email service to us and  in 1971 the first Email (ARPANET) was sent and successfully received, which was the start of the Internet Revolution.

Email for business is one of the fastest growing trend and almost 95% of US Online Consumers use it  for communication and business. Every successful business group use Email to get new clients and provide support to their existing clients.

For a Blogger like me , Email helps me in each and every aspects of Blogging. It helps me in getting to know the latest news of my own niche through my inbox, and I being a Twitteraddict would always love to know whenever any new followers follow me on Twitter and whenever I receive a Twitter DM.

Email is being used more effectively, but still it annoys many of us. Here is an Infographic by ccLoop, the winner of the 2011 AlwaysOn Global 250, which tells us about the growth of Email, volume of Email in numbers, Top 4 Annoyances and benefits of Email.

Infographic [Click on the image to Enlarge]



So what do you think friends ?? How far will you use Email and why?? 😀
Thanks for Reading 🙂

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