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Turn your iPod Touch into a Phone

Turning Your Ipod Touch Into A Phone

There is actually an easy way to turn your Ipod Touch into a phone. Well, as long as you have a wi-fi access at your home or anywhere around the world, there should be no problem in setting this up.

First of all, you will have to download Truphone and install in into your Ipod Touch. This application allows users to make and receive phonecalls via internet protocols, or famously known as VoIP, with Google’s talk messaging service, Truphone customers and as well as Ipod Touch owners itself. Moreover, you will be notified if one of your Truphone contacts goes online, which means that you will be connecting with your contacts at no charges at all as long as you are in the wi-fi zone. However, if you are not online, Truphone can connect and route your calls through internet using cheap VoIp calls provided.

The best of all, when you download this application, you will also be given a FREE $1 calling credit for you to get started.

PS: You will need an additional headset and microphone in order for this to work

Truphone on Ipod Video Tutorial

Click here to watch the video tutorial

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