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7 tips to choose a best Internet Service Provider company

Nowadays there are lots of ISP’s(Internet Service Providers) which are providing dial-up, DSL, cable and satellite Internet connection with the use of data transmission technologies that comply with the Internet Protocol.

The following factors will help you to choose the best and affordable ISP:


Firstly check whether that particular ISP provides Internet connection services in your area. In some rural area these companies do not provide their services.


This factor plays a major role in choosing ISP. Sometimes the popular ISP’s provides same services as that of smaller and less popular ISP’s but at high cost. So choose the best value that you can find out of the Internet connection service that you require and choosing the one that is flexible to the kind of internet connection service that you need and to the payment plans that meet your preferences.

3.Connection speed

This factor establishes a competition between all ISP’s. Certain ISP’s try to provide high speed internet services, for this they require modern equipments. So choose a company which always upgrades its equipments to give best service.


You should know how many email accounts does an ISP company provides and for security purposes,you need to be aware how many days does the ISP keep your mail before deleting it.

5.Modem Ratio

This ratio is calculated based on the number of users using that particular telephone line.Lesser the ratio higher the speed.


By doing a research you need to find out how that particular company respond to service problems and what kind of service they provide like phone support,chat….etc . Also check whether they charge extra for technical assistance.

7.Special Features

Offering extra and frees services as in spam blocking, virus protection, instant messaging and chat rooms.

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