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10 Promising Features Of Ubuntu For Phones OS


Canonical have been actively updating the Ubuntu OS from many years, which turned them to be the most widely used Linux Distributor in the world. They started with Desktop OS and then came Unbuntu TV as well as Ubuntu for Android Devices. This year they have taken another bigger step by coming up with Unbuntu For Mobile Devices.

Yes, you guys heard it right; Canonical – The World’s largest Linux OS creator have entered the Mobile OS market. It took everyone by surprise as they added a countdown timer to their homepage in the beginning of 2013.

There are already so many OS in the market like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and many other java based operating systems. Many upcoming OS like Firefox OS and Jolla Sailfish are also promising to bring a lot of features for the end-users. But the latest addition to the list by Unbuntu OS, seems to be most promising OS when compared to all the new entrant.

Ubuntu for phones – Industry proposition

It’s a clear note by Industry Experts and Evangelists that, they are looking for a new OS to exhibit something different from other mobile operating systems. Most of the Device Manufacturers are also ready to bring new devices on this platform.

So What’s new in Ubuntu For Phones? Well on the basis of the above video they have many features, which works in just finger tips of Smartphone user. Below are the 10 reasons to love “Ubuntu For Mobile Phones”:

  1. Ubuntu on Mobile Phones

  2. 1_Ubuntu
    The word Ubuntu brings lot many things to our mind. A simplified OS, virus free and many more. Having all these on your Smartphone can make the life easier!

  3. Simplified Homescreen

  4. 2_Ubuntu-for-phones-homescreen
    Homescreen of Ubuntu give access to lot many thing which we use it with any phone. We have an access to recent contacts, frequently used apps, recently added music, search bar etc. Best part is, user can customize this screen.

  5. Elegant UI

  6. 3_Ubuntu-for-phones-elegant-ui
    This OS brings an all-new gesture-based interface to market. The color combinations, animations add a quite attractive and intelligent interface.

  7. Ease of Access

  8. 4_Ubuntu-for-phones-ease-of-use
    As said before the gesture plays a key role in the success of this new entrant. Ubuntu makes use of all four sides of the screen very prominently. Swiping from left to brings the recently used apps, from top brings up the notification bar and from below brings the controls inside any app. Also there is no lock screen concept in this OS. Users can just swipe in from the edges to get access to their content any time, and not having to get past a gatekeeper sort of screen before accessing their apps.

    We can even change the system setting from notification bar without even leaving the app! Isn’t it different from all others?

  9. Preference to Content than Controls

  10. 5_Ubuntu-for-phones-content-controls
    Yes, this OS provides full screen for all the apps. It automatically hides the notification bar on top. On touching the screen brings back hidden bar. Swiping from below shows the controls available for the opened application.

  11. PC in Pocket

  12. 6_Ubuntu-for-phones-pc-on-pocket
    Ubuntu has been a one of the big players in the PC world. There are many desktop apps like image editing are inbuilt inside your Smartphone!

  13. Inbuilt Ubuntu One Cloud Connect

  14. 7_ubuntu-one
    This OS comes with Ubuntu one as integrated cloud connect app. All your files will be backed up automatically and will be accessible on any Ubuntu device. You can even share your web content in one single tap!

  15. HTML5 as an Application Development Language

  16. 8_ubuntu-one-apps
    On one side we have HTML5 app development can give a wide range of apps using web standards and on the other side, native apps can give you the best experience. So on Ubuntu phone we can have both these apps running flawlessly. Any HTML5 app can send notifications and use system features. They are also targeting standard cross-platform web app development frameworks like PhoneGap to make Ubuntu ‘just work’ for apps that use them.

  17. Android Phone can run Ubuntu OS

  18. 9_ubuntu-for-phone-android
    Any device which is running on Android can run Ubuntu for phones. That says it all. This new entrant is open for most of the Smartphone makers in the world and can be easily adoptable!

  19. Both for Enterprise and Consumer Market

  20. 10_Ubuntu-for-phones-customizations
    This OS can combine phone and desktop into one highly secured device. It has kernel level control to all the apps that gets installed. We can manage the phone using the same tools which on an Ubuntu server, desktop and cloud.

    For the consumer market, canonical provides huge support to OEM makers by modifying the OS according to their design, inbuilt apps and lots more!

    So these were some of the most promising features which the new entrant Ubuntu OS provides to us now. Meanwhile you can watch the Ubuntu Phone Hands-on demo video by The Verge:

    Ubuntu Phone Hands-on Video

    Canonical team will be there at CES to showcase the OS and at MWC with the first device running on this beautiful OS!
    Watch out for this space. We will keep you posted with all the updates! 😀

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