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10 Best Free New Year Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Covers


Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus – The 3 most important pillars of Social Media. It becomes little tedious to manage all the 3 social profiles, but we still are efficiently using them and moreover scheduling all the posts ­čśŤ

Here are some of the best new year covers for your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus profile. Yes, this is a triple treat from our side to you so that you need not spend more time in searching different covers for each social media profile ;).

  1. 2013

  2. 1_social_media_covers
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  3. 2013 Style 2

  4. 2_social_media_covers
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  5. Happy New Year Style 1

  6. 3_social_media_covers
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  7. Happy New Year

  8. 4_social_media_covers
    Download Source

  9. 2013 Christmas Style

  10. 5_social_media_covers
    Download Source

  11. 2013 Origami

  12. 6_social_media_covers
    Download Source

  13. Happy New Year 2013 Style 1

  14. 7_social_media_covers
    Download Source

  15. 2013 Variant

  16. 8_social_media_covers
    Download Source

  17. 2013 Stars

  18. 9_social_media_covers
    Download Source

  19. Happy New Year 2013

  20. 10_social_media_covers
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Happy New Year 2013 ­čśÇ


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