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Google Android May Lead Application Market In Five Months!

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As the time passing, day by day we are getting lot of new gadgets out in the market which are increasing the war between the manufacturers. Today we are speaking about the Application Market and Tablets war which is getting hotter day by day!

When we speak about Tablets, earlier we all used to just think about Apple’s iPad. Just in few months of time, lot of tablets emerged as Google entered with its Android OS, Windows Phone OS and lot more.

mobile os market share

Well the current market share of Mobile and Tablet OS’s is as below,

Above stats clearly shows how Google Android share is growing day by day. Google’s Android OS recently took over BlackBerry OS and now placed in third place.


The success of these Tablet OS’s and Tablet manufactures is directly depending on how many applications are getting developed and how many of them are used!

Almost all the Tablet OS developer and few Tablet Manufacturers are having their own app store for gadgets they are developing. If we name some,

  • Apple App Store
  • BlackBerry App World
  • Google Android Market
  • Nokia Ovi Store
  • Windows Phone 7 Marketplace
  • Palm App Catalog
  • GetJar and others.

Distimo a publication company in US mainly covers the all the latest happening around these app stores. Distimo’s recent publication cleared said Google’s Android Market will top the app market by throwing Apple App Stores aside in terms of number of applications.

Here are the 4 major finding about app market,

  • The Google Android Market eclipsed the Apple App Store for iPhone in terms of free applications and now has 134,342 free applications, while the Apple App Store iPhone has 121,845 free applications.
  • If all application stores maintain their current growth pace, approximately five months from now Google Android Market will be the largest store in terms of number of applications followed by the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, BlackBerry App World and Nokia Ovi Store. The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will also be larger than the Nokia Ovi Store and BlackBerry App World prior to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace being available for even a full year.
  • One year after launching the iPad, Apple will be confronted with its first serious competition as both BlackBerry and Google enter the emerging tablet market. Apple has already seized momentum and grown the App Store for iPad in the first year to 75,755 applications developed by 21,975 publishers. Daily downloads in the Top 100 Overall paid and free applications for iPad combined exceed 500,000, while the daily revenue in the Top 100 paid is approximately $400,000 excluding in-app purchases.
  • Many of the top publishers on the iPad already publish cross-platform. Fifty-eight percent of the 50 most popular publishers have already developed applications for non-Apple platforms.

These top four finding by Distimo publishers clearly shows how application market is going to change in next few months.

Google’s Android never lost its momentum and kept its graph growing steadily. Battle is on and it’s actually a wake-up call for Apple, BlackBerry and Windows teams to start getting as many good apps as possible.

What you guys feel about this prediction? Is Android Market the best application market? Please do share your thoughts 🙂

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