100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4

iPhone4G2 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4

iPhone 4

Well the must awaited gadget will be out in market soon! A 9.3mm thick, 5x digital zoom and 4G supporting widget iPhone 4 is ready to rule world again. On 7th June, 2010 Steve Jobs has unveiled the operating system for its new iPhone 4 at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC).

The new Operating system(OS) called as IOS4 from Apple is having many new cool features. This OS will be available to the public for the iPhone (4, 3GS, 3G with limited) and iPod Touch (3rd gen, 2nd gen with limited) on June 21, for free.

OK! Now get ready to explore more about iPhone 4. Here we are going to put in front of you the 100 cool new feature the IOS4 brings in for iPhone 4.


    1. Multi-Touch Gestures: The iPhone OS frameworks include APIs to alert you to many standard gestures, or you can hand-code your own gesture awareness.
    2. Multitasking by double clicking home button
    3. Support for Apple Bluetooth keyboards
    4. Game Center social networkiPhone4 iBooks1 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4
    5. iBooks with PDF support: The best way to browse, buy, and read books on a mobile device. Easily flip through the pages of a book you’ve downloaded from the iBookstore while listening to your music collection. Browse tens of thousands of books — many of them free — by title, author, or genre. You can even check out reviews and read sample pages before you buy.
    6. iAd mobile advertising network
    7. Portrait orientation lock
    8. Background audio: Allows your app to play audio continuously. So customers can listen to your app while they surf the web, play games, and more.
    9. Voice over IP
    10. Background location
    11. Share Data Among apps
    12. Push notifications
    13. Cut, Copy & Paste: Double tap for Cut/Copy/Paste menu all over iOS (sms to email to notes…)


      1. 5mp CameraiPhone4 Photos1 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4
      2. 5x digital zoom
      3. Tap to focus video
      4. Rotate photos
      5. Resize photos
      6. Categorization by All, Photos and Videos
      7. Support landscape mode
      8. Categorized by Albums, Faces, Events and Places
      9. Select multiple photos for mass deletion
      10. Support landscape mode


        1. App-specific location settings
        2. Cellular data only setting
        3. Password with alphabet characters and numbers
        4. Simple Passcode Lock (4 digit number) option
        5. New Wallpapers
        6. New Wallpaper preview for home screen and lock screen
        7. Set up Internet Tethering
        8. New Gmail and Exchange icons in Mail, Contacts, Calendars account settings
        9. Support multiple Exchange accounts
        10. Custom Dictionary

        Home Screen

          1. iPhone4 Home1 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4Ability to categorize apps into folders with default folder naming based on category name in App Store
          2. Custom backgrounds for Home screen and Lock Screen
          3. Organize apps into folders with drag-and-drop simplicity
          4. Up to 2,160 instead of 180 visible apps (12 apps per folder)
          5. Default utilities folder which contains the clock, calculator, voice memos and compass apps
          6. Folder name supports up to 13 characters
          7. Dock redesigned to that of the iPad
          8. Rate on deleting app removed


            1. Unified “locate me” icon
            2. Background location icon shown on status bar


            iPhone4 Apps1 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4
              1. Ability to gift apps


              iPhone4 Music1 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4
                1. Playlist creation on device
                2. Nested playlists
                3. Lyrics and Podcast info on Setting
                4. Art in Album View
                5. Volume control with Bluetooth headsets

                Notes, Calendar and Calculator

                  1. Notes syncing with MobileMe, Gmail IMAP and Yahoo! Mail
                  2. Accounts management appears if syncing is enabled
                  3. Notes setting below Mail, Contacts, Calendars Settings if syncing is enabled
                  4. Birthday calendar
                  5. CalDAV invitations
                  6. Updated icon
                  7. Voice Memos

                  Contacts and Messages

                  iPhone4 Messages1 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4

                    1. Unified Info by linking contacts from different accounts
                    2. CardDAV
                    3. Streamlined “New Contact” Screen
                    4. Include a Search bar for searching messages
                    5. Character count while typing a messages
                    6. Failed SMS Notification
                    7. Option to toggle off the ability to send group messages
                    8. Larger fonts in Mail, SMS & alerts

                    On Top

                      1. Search with Web or Wikipedia
                      2. ichat: Video Calling
                      3. HTTP Live Streaming: Built-in support for HTTP live streaming makes it easy for applications to use standard web servers to stream high-quality audio and video content over the air for playback on iPhone and iPod touch. HTTP live streaming is designed for mobility and can dynamically adjust playback quality to match the available speed of Wi-Fi or cellular networks.
                      4. Included Bing Search with Google Search as default Search site.
                      5. FaceTime: People have been dreaming about video calling for decades. iPhone 4 makes it a reality. With the tap of a button, you can wave hello to your kids, share a smile from across the globe, or watch your best friend laugh at your stories — iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. No other phone makes staying in touch this much fun.

                      iPhone4G Facetime1 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4


                        1. Recent Searches below search field
                        2. Top Hit in Search
                        3. Google Suggest appears below search field if Search Engine is set to GoogleiPhone4 Safari1 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4
                        4. Unified “Search” keyboard button when search field being used
                        5. In-Page Video Playback
                        6. HTML5 Client-Side Storage in Safari: The advanced Safari browser included in iPhone OS supports the latest HTML5 offline data storage features. The offline storage means a web app can store session data locally in a cache on the iPhone or iPod touch device, using either a simple key/value data API, or a more advanced SQL interface. The data is persistent among Safari launches, meaning apps start up faster, are less dependent upon the network, and perform better than ever before.
                        7. Rotate & Zoom Videos in vertical and horizontal Position with Youtube
                        8. Upload workouts to Nike+: iPhone includes built-in Nike + iPod support. Just slip the Nike + iPod Sensor (available separately) into your Nike+ shoe and start your workout.
                        9. Ability to quick view current market cap in place of stock’s price or % change

                        iPhone4G Video1 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4


                          1. Unified InboxesiPhone4 Emails1 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4
                          2. Edit from Outbox
                          3. Contact Pictures in Emails
                          4. organize messages by threads, and even open attachments in third-party apps
                          5. Support for multiple Exchange accounts
                          6. Exchange Server 2010
                          7. File & delete Mail search results
                          8. Smart Links For Dates and Addresses
                          9. Open attachments by registered filetype with corresponding Apps from App Store
                          10. Quicklook attachments
                          11. Organize By Thread in Mail

                          Language Tool

                            1. Hungarian Language added
                            2. Added Cangjie and Wubihua Keyboards for Simplified and Traditional Chinese
                            3. Spell Check
                            4. Added support for Danish voice control
                            5. Text replacement between Simplified and Traditional Chinese
                            6. Switch keyboard shortcut (holding the “earth” button on keyboard for a while)


                            1. Persistent Wi-Fi
                            2. Improved Bluetooth driver for A2DP devices
                            3. Wake on Wireless
                            4. Auto-join and Auto-login and IPv6 on individual Wi-Fi Networks setting
                            5. SSL VPN support
                            6. Mobile device management
                            7. Enhanced data protection
                            8. Wireless app distribution

                            How was that? iPhone 4 going to have a blast with these many cool features! June 21st the day all iPhone lovers are waiting for. But unfortunately the gadget is available only in US as of now icon sad 100+ Cool new features of iPhone 4 Hope soon it will be available all over the world!

                            Vinay Gowda

                            Working in IT industry from past couple of years. An Android app developer. Mad about keeping me updated about latest tech news.

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                            34 Responses

                            1. The iPhone 4 has got stunning looks. Well packed with features. A great gadget to have. Nice post. Clearly written.

                            2. Vivek says:

                              Nice compilation of features at one place
                              thanks for the share

                            3. mark says:

                              I have been using a Blackberry, but would like to switch to an iPhone soon. I have been waiting for the technology to mature & it seems to be stable now. There is still an issue in the States with the provider (ATT) being the only one and everyone I know with an iPhone complains about problems with their service.

                              Great article! Thanks!

                              • Vinay Gowda says:

                                this version has got lot of features and its all new in iPhone 4 Mark. As you saw there are lot of cool new features. Hope you gonna grab it soon :) Thanks for sharing your view Mark :)

                            4. Neeraj Kumar says:

                              Iphone 4 seems to be an awesome machine. But will remain a dream for me ;) With all the features, the cost also has hiked. :D

                              • Vinay Gowda says:

                                Neeraj the cost is affordable :) basic model costs at $199. So you can have one and fulfill your dream :)

                                • jasdeep singh says:

                                  $199 price is with 3 year contract plans only. Without contract and unlocked iPhone 4 will easily burn a hole in your pocket worth $700-$800. The price is still unclear..

                            5. Really amazing features :) a must have gadget.

                            6. Vinay, you are awesome in compiling the lists. Compiling 100plus list is not an easy task though IPhone has all these functions. By the way are you using the IPhone? Cuz someone who is not using can't compile such detailed list.

                              • Vinay Gowda says:

                                I'm not having iPhone Imran :( , Just thought about the iPhone 4 and did a good research with Sunil via Google and came up with this post :) :D
                                Thanks for commenting :)

                            7. FAQPAL says:

                              Excellent post, sounds like a fantastic iPhone.

                            8. Bimal Roy says:

                              Well described review. Thanks for sharing.

                            9. sidduz says:

                              That is really a great list mate. Im aware of only 29 features. Great exploration :) u simply rocked

                            10. Well done with this article – you've done well tl list a full 100 features. The iPhone 4 seems to be a big leap forward over the previous generations, although I don't think Apple had much choice due to the advances with the Android operating system and new handsets from companies like HTC, it's just a shame that they are so expensive. I wouldn't expect networks to give them away for free but the lifetime costs for an iPhone 4 are pretty high. It's also difficult for those that took the 3GS on a two-year contract at launch to upgrade.

                              • Vinay Gowda says:

                                I seriously accept your point here Chris. The cost of iPhone for lifetime is too high! But it has got very good features.

                                Thanks for sharing your thoughts Chris :)

                            11. unique says:

                              nice, looking forward to the iphone4..n ios upgrade. mostly tired of the same txt alerts, so looking forward in the change in that. great job wit the blog=)

                            12. sahil says:

                              iphone 4 is bettert than iphone 3gs which one i shoul buy 4 or 3gs

                            13. sahil says:

                              which i should buy 4 or 3gs tell me guys

                            14. Vitalka says:

                              Many improvements was made to iPhone 4 in comparison to old models. You show a great list of the most interesting feauters, thanks!

                              Yeah, it's a really great device!
                              But the main problem is in his very expensive price (I mean unlocked one). If they in Apple decrease price at 2 times – they would get thousands of new users for sure! But such a desire is unreal :-(

                            15. huge list.. when it will come to India? i wanna buy..

                            16. Moomoo says:

                              Wow, great SUPERB article! I shall definitely be purchasing an iPhone 4 at the weekend. :)

                            17. The iPhone is no doubt an incredible device, and I hear the iPhone 5 is around the corner, one can only hope that the iPhone 5 will start using the 4G networks by AT&T and Verizon
                              Justin Germino recently posted..Building an Amazon Store in WordPress for Free – Part 2

                            18. Nice article, Vinay. Great colection of iPhone 4 features. Interesting post. Useful to iPhone user.
                              Jesica Wills recently posted..Custom iPhone Application Development – For Personal and Business Applications

                            19. Anthony says:

                              Hey Vinay,

                              Well the iPhone 4 has been flying along sales wise. For those asking about prices you can now pick them up second hand (used) for around $550- $700 US. Still expensive for some, but worth it depending on your income.
                              Anthony recently posted..iPhone iOS 43 Features Personal Hotspot

                            20. iPhone 6 says:

                              I really like iPhone 4, it has some amazing features and nice design, i am really looking forward to iphone 5 and iphone 6 , hoe they are as good as this with some more features
                              iPhone 6 recently posted..iPhone 6 – New features and better phone

                            21. Babu0056 says:

                              it is awesome mobile

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