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140 Things To Discover On Twitter

We always try to ask ourselves , “why are you using twitter?” , answer comes out from the bottom of our heart ; ” Because you love your followers and to discover something new” , Yes you heard it right ;). We are here to discover something new , so that helps not only us but also our followers. So today I am going to list out all the possibilities of discovering on Twitter

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[How to] Free IPL Facebook Theme

IPL-INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE , a full doze of Entertainment with Cricket. We all are very much excited to see IPL matches and would also love to see the Cheer Girls Dancing on many songs and hence enjoy :). Why not you show your love by installing a IPL theme in Facebook?? , shocked πŸ˜‰ ? , Yes i am Wright, Today i am going to tell you How to install IPL theme on to your Facebook page without any cost πŸ˜‰

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How to surf Facebook in different colors

Are you bored of Facebook with it’s default color BLUE ,Although the Default Blue color is liked by most of the Facebook users. But sometimes you need to change the color based on your likes and sometimes mood πŸ˜‰ . At that time not to worry , below is a trick through which you can surf or browse Facebook in random and different colors.