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If Social Media Controlled the News in 2011 [Infographic]

Social Media

2011  year will always be remembered for coming years. It was the year filled with lots of Social Media channels and news. We had witnessed the fierce war between the two social networks Google+ and Facebook. It was a year about Browser Wars and moreover Social Media was a trending topic of 2011. Agree with us? 😉

Twitter was one of the strongest or precisely the second most used social media site of 2011, next to Facebook. Twitter was actually a fastest source for any kind of news. It may come to Japan’s worst Tsunami or about Microsoft’s IE9 release. Twitter was actually a news breaker for many of us.

Here is a small inforgraphic by Frugal Dad which says “what if social media controlled the news!”


2011 in Review.. IF..Social Media Controlled News!

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If you’re given a chance to choose any one social network as your news source, which one would you choose ?? 🙂

Thanks for reading 😀

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