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10 Types of Facebook Friends [Infographic]

Facebook is the most widely used social network which has connected each and everyone in one or the other way. Now, we use Facebook not only to connect with new friends, but also to search and find our old friends from high schools and colleges whom we haven’t met from long time or friends whom we never talk to but still would like to add him/her on Facebook.

I still remember when I had joined Facebook, I didn’t have much friends to talk to as all my schoolmates were using orkut 😛 (intentionally not linking it) , but nothing can stop the changes that took place in social networking which is well marked by Facebook.

I would like to define Facebook in high school version as quoted below:

Facebook, the one stop shop for all people to search and earn their old friends with whom they never got a chance to talk.

Are Facebook friends better than Real friends?? well certainly yes 🙂 have a look at the below funny video which tells why Facebook Friends are better than Real Freinds:

So hence proved Facebook friends are better than Real friends ;), let us know how many types of Facebook friends we have from our high schools or colleges.

Below is an infographic by Classfinders which describes 10 types of Facebook Friends from high schools or colleges:






So what do you think friends ?? 🙂 How many types of  Facebook Friends have you witnessed from the above 10 ?? 😀

Thanks for reading !!

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