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Outlook Social Connector: What's New??

The all-new Outlook Social Connector connects you to the social and business networks you use, including Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Live, and other popular third-party sites, so you can get more information and stay in touch with the people in your network without leaving Outlook.

What’s new in Outlook Social Connector??

1. View existing friends’ profiles and updates and add new connections without ever leaving Outlook

Connecting Outlook to each social network requires a provider. To get started, download and install social network provider for Outlook.

NOTE: The Outlook Social Connector included in the Office 2010 Beta is not compatible with the beta providers currently available online. Office 2010 Beta users must install the Outlook Social Connector 32-bit Beta in order to successfully use the social network providers currently available. Also, you cannot install the 32-bit OSC Beta on Outlook 2010 Beta 64-bit.

In most cases, usage of that social network requires you to be subject to the terms and conditions of the provider.


2. Coming Soon!

In addition to the add-ins that Microsoft and other partner social networks produce, they are making a software developers’ kit available that includes documentation on how to build an add-in for any network you choose.


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