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3 Google Buzz tips

Google has updated three things about google buzz. People are requesting many things in google buzz so google making small tweaks that improve the experience for power users.

Here are three things that have rolled out over the last couple weeks, one as recently as today:

1. Deliver interesting posts to your inbox.

Sometimes you’re really interested in a certain conversation and would like to get it delivered to your inbox. You used to have to comment on a post in order to get updates sent to your inbox. Now, you can set the post to be delivered to your inbox regardless of whether or not you’ve participated. Click the down-arrow in the upper right-hand corner of a post, and select “Deliver to my Inbox.”

Google Buzz - Deliver to my Inbox copy

2. Disable comments.

If a conversation you’ve started has run its course, you can opt to prevent further comments. For example, we just closed comments on┬áthis post soliciting questions for our SXSW panel since the talk happened over a month ago.

3. Favicons for shared links.

When you share a link in Google Buzz, we now grab the favicon associated with that page so it’s easier than ever to see the source

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