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16 Years Journey of Internet Explorer [Infographic]

Internet Explorer, one of the best product of Microsoft to dominate the World Wide Web with Netscape Navigator was launched on Aug 16 1995 and hence afterwards it became one of the most used Browser across the globe. Yes, Internet Explorer turns 16 today!

Windows Internet Explorer was formerly known as Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) and it is commonly abbreviated as “IE”.

Internet Explorer started their journey in 1994 with half a dozen of developers i.e. 6 in a team and launched their first Browser of size 1mb  in 1995. Microsoft had to struggle a lot to gain the browser market share as those days Netscape Navigator was ruling the Browser Market.

In the fourth quarter of 1999, Internet Explorer gained 50% of Browser Market Share and this was the successful start of Microsoft towards the Browser Wars.

But as we know always there comes a time where the whole world needs a change and this change made users to use other Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Rockmelt and many other. Although Microsoft came up with their latest browser Internet Explorer 9 which had many extended features, but still it could gain only 6.9% of Browser market.

So below is an Infographic which describes the complete journey of Internet Explorer from it’s start to it’s end. This Infographic is extended by us to add their journey of year 2011.


Hope you all enjoyed browsing with Internet Explorer 🙂 Don’t forget to wish Microsoft and IE on its 17th birthday. Share with your friends and let everyone wish IE 🙂 Thanks!

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