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Top 10+ Reasons To Never Quit Blogging


If writing is an art, then Blogging is one way of expressing this art. Every blogger would like to blog about his/her own interests. There are many ups and downs in a blogger’s life and at some point he/she might feel low and wanting to quit Blogging for various reasons.

So I thought of listing out Top 10 reasons why you should never think of quitting Blogging :

1. Flexibility


The first and foremost reason for which you can never ever think of quitting Blogging :). When it comes to flexibility in terms of time and place, Blogging has an upper hand when compared to any other field of job: It can be done anywhere, any place and whenever time permits.

2. Self Employed


You are self employed, which means you are responsible for your own work and you are not working for anyone but yourselves ;). Being self employed gives you a chance to determine your own strengths and weakness. Meanwhile you can plan your own vacation and take a coffee break whenever you need :).

3. Adaptive


Bloggers can adapt to any situation and continue with their blogging journey. While blogging you tend to be concentrating more on your work than other disturbing things. Although you do get distracted, still you are able to give your best and work intelligently.

4. Social Networking


Socially engaging with people gives you the opportunity to meet new friends and influence your audience which can never be done in any other job field. Open Networking can only be done in Blogging and if you’re serious about it then you’ll start with Niche Networking, where you follow like minded people and engage with them on your niche topics.

5. Multitasking


If you are comfortable at your blogging workspace, then you try to do different things simultaneously without any pressure and stress, while in other fields of job you’ll have to work continuously without having the freedom to work on what you like at the same time. Understandably, one might concentrate on one thing only while working, but you can enjoy doing blogging with other works.

6. Self Coach


Yeah, not only are you self employed, but you also learn on your own many things of your niche. Through self evaluation you hone yourself to become a genius in what you blog!

7. Good Learner


Every blogger has a learning attitude and once you are a coach for yourself, you’ll definitely enhance your knowledge and become a Good Learner.

8. Sharing is Caring


In Blogging, your readers will listen to you and show their love by sharing your blog posts. Not only me, but everyone believes that “Sharing is Caring”.

9. Team Work


If you’re working in a Multi-Author blog, you’ll always get a chance to improve your soft skills and work more on your weaknesses. Blogging with 2 or 3 others will make your work easier. And if you’re a team leader like myself, then lots of leadership qualities can be practiced while blogging :).

10. Improving Skills


Last but not least, blogging will improve both your writing and communication skills. Your readers or blog friends may provide you feedback on your writings.It doesn’t matter whether those feedbacks are positive or negative, just remember you’re at least being given feedback in blogging, while in other fields there are usually no guidance or feedback unless it’s directly from the approval or disapproval of a boss!

11. Now it’s your Turn 😉

Yeah friends, I would love to hear a strong reason from you for not quitting blogging and the best one will be added here with proper credits 😀 . Happy Blogging 🙂



Thanks to Ellen (@mochiface) 😀

42 thoughts on “Top 10+ Reasons To Never Quit Blogging”

  1. Tipsumblog says:

    For me it’s about sharing the knowledge the I get everyday. I read so much each day that my head will burst if I don’t talk about it. I figured, hey why not do this and also make the extra buck. It never hurts right 😉

  2. Doni says:

    Reason to not quit: It’s your purpose, your passion, your love. It is what you do like you and only you can do – without hesitation, without indifference, always with meaning and self-value of who you are and what you represent. Knowing one’s purpose can easily lead to peace. 

  3. Marty McPadden says:

    Great post Sunil. I think for me it’s two things: having a voice to share with the World and working with Misty @twitter-14951992:disqus on our collaborative blog. I love sharing and engaging with people online and blogging is a great way to do just that. Happy blogging Sunil!! 

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      Thanks for the comment Marty 🙂
      Yeah I can understand when you’re blogging with your life partner, there comes a separate feeling which will never make us quit blogging 😉

      I am waiting for my @sheblogger:twitter to join me as soon as possible 😀

      Happy Blogging to both of you 😀 cc: @twitter-14951992:disqus 

  4. Edna Garrett says:

    Sunil, I appreciate the encouragement, as I need it to continue on with my blogging endeavors. However, being “self-employed” is not a valid reason, except for the one percent of bloggers who can eek out a living primarily through blogging. Congratulations on your success, and perhaps the readers of this blog are also exceptions, but even the most widely-visited local blog I know (in a city of 200,000 and a metropolitan area of over a million) can’t make a living with his blog in order to quite his day job. 

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      Hello Edna 🙂

      I do agree with you but not completely, when I talk about Blogging, either it can be part-time or full-time and monetizing the blog and making your living out of it depends on how you blog.

      I am not only a blogger, but also a freelancer who likes to develop websites and mobile apps. So in my case I can survive with blogging and also I do see many bloggers who just write quality articles and get paid heavily by their advertisers based on their page views and stats of their blog 🙂

      But before getting into blogging make sure you don’t regret after starting with it, because I feel never ever regret later for whatever decisions you make.

      Happy Blogging 😀

  5. Suhanesh Madav says:

    I think better blog for nothing ..then everything follow you ..means, Don’t expect anything everything will come …..!!!!!

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      Hey Suhanesh 🙂 that’s one point which each and every blogger must follow while they are blogging, keep on doing your best without any expectations and people will fall on you for surely 😀

  6. ScentTrail says:

    Blogging cures cancer. Is that a good reason to NEVER quit? I’m a cancer survivor and blogging got me through chemotherapy. Blogging gives a sense of purpose and community. Some days during chemo the only thing I could do was pull my computer over and write. Here is a piece from my recent Thoughts On Curing Cancer ScentTrail Marketing post: “I pledge to spend some of each day remembering how much it means that
    strangers always save our lives, that selfless valor and courage is the
    only fixed point worth knowing. That fixed point is why we cured cancer
    yesterday, will cure it again today and obliterate it finally tomorrow.”

    The most important single idea to any cancer patient besides the love and support of their families and friends is hope. Blogging “cures” cancer because it creates hope, feedback and support. We are not alone and strangers are working hard to save our lives. Least we can do is NEVER quit :).

    Martin Smith
    Cancer Survivor, blogger
    Durham, NC

  7. Ashley says:

    Blogging teaches patience, determination, and persistence. Starting out, you’ll hit “dry” moments. It teaches you to stick it through. More importany, I blog for the positive influence I can be on others. On my website we’ve had so many success stories of how we have inspired and encouraged people. We have also been able to donate to charities and host awards. I love being able to help people and blogging allows me to do this. I’m not sure if I could have achieved this without it.

  8. Krishna says:

    I also noticed many people quitting blogging just because of google animals like panda and penguin, if we work hard they can;t beat us.

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