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9 Lesser Known Facts About Barack Obama (Infographic)

Though Sandy has put a hold on the US Presidential election campaign, it doesn’t stop us from analyzing some facts about the present Commander-in-chief. Yes, we’re talking about Barack Obama.

While a few may talk about how Mitt Romney twists Barack Obama’s administration campaign’s slogan from “forward” to “forewarned”, legitimating his point that the masses (specifically 23 millions) struggling for a good job won’t want to see another four years like the last four years.

We at Tech18 have chosen to take the Obama V/S Romney a little easy way ;). Below we have listed some interesting facts about Obama, who’s fighting on his way to become the commander-in-chief of the US once again. Hopeful, that these simple but interesting facts may ease your decision on whom to elect as your President for the next four years.

Infographic (Click to enlarge)

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Note: This is our 2nd Infographic in collaboration with Color Jam, so let us know your feedback through comments.Thanks for Reading 😀

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