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40+ Best Free Christmas Facebook Timeline Covers


Christmas Festive has already begun, but it’s never late to celebrate it socially. And if you have a Facebook account (which everyone has if on internet 😛 ) , then you would love to do few things for Christmas :

  • Add Santa Hat to your Facebook Profile Picture
  • Change your Facebook Timeline Cover
  • Wishing “Merry Christmas” to each and every friend of yours (pretty time consuming ;))
  • Upload few Christmas Wallpapers and Tag your friends to those (Tag Spammer :P)

From the above checklist, I feel changing Facebook timeline cover won’t take much time :D. Here are some of the best free Facebook Timeline covers for Christmas. The best part about these covers are that they don’t have any watermarks on them.

  1. Christmas Fairy

  2. 1_christmas_facebook_timeline_cover

    Source Download

  3. Christmas Robin

  4. 2_christmas_facebook_timeline_cover

    Source Download

  5. Christmas Seasonal

  6. 3_christmas_facebook_timeline_cover

    Source Download

  7. Christmas Gift

  8. 4_christmas_facebook_timeline_cover

    Source Download

  9. Christmas Santa

  10. 5_christmas_facebook_timeline_cover

    Source Download

  11. Christmas Tree

  12. 6_christmas_facebook_timeline_cover

    Source Download

  13. Christmas Santa House

  14. 7_christmas_facebook_timeline_cover

    Source Download

  15. Green Christmas

  16. 8_christmas_facebook_timeline_cover

    Source Download

  17. Red Christmas

  18. 9_christmas_facebook_timeline_cover

    Source Download

  19. Christmas Treat

  20. 10_christmas_facebook_timeline_cover

    Source Download

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