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How To : Send/Receive SMS On Chrome With Andorid Phones

google android and chrome

I own a big-fat laptop and spend nearly 16 hours in front of laptop/desktop daily! Still I own a smaller device like smartphone to get in touch with my family members and friends around the world. Now let’s say “What if I forget my smartphone while travelling? Missed calls! Inbox filled with SMS’s! Bang! I missed many things, Maybe my world 🙁 “.

Do you have the same problem what I just spoke about?

Isn’t that really bad when technology has moved so far which one could ever guess few years back? Yes, we can’t be always relying on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ as not everyone are still not on them! Agree with me?

Well here comes a small, tiny and very useful product named MightyText by the former Google employee, Maneesh Arora who co-founded it. Before we start, are you a strong Google product user? Do you use Google’s browser Chrome and their open-source operating system Android running device? If not then you might for one. 😉 LOL!

mightytext messaging screenshot

MightyText is a small Android App and Chrome Extension which can be synced to do following things,

  1. Send SMS from PC using Chrome browser
  2. Receive SMS to PC
  3. Get updates on “Who’s Calling Now”, Missed Calls alerts

What else you need when you have kept your phone at home or car while you are somewhere else?

Maneesh Arora had his “aha!” moment when he worked at Google: During meetings, everyone was on laptops and used Google Chat or Gtalk. But when his wife texted him, he had to reach into his pocket. “So strange. With 6 trillion text messages sent per year, SMS is still broken. Why can’t I search a text from last month, from anywhere, at any time?”

“We have routed over 18 million SMS messages since our beta launch just 2 months ago. And our users love being able to text while working.” Arora continues saying.

Why Only for Android Devices?

Yes, we do have same question for Arora’s team. But as a Android App developer I can answer to our users by myself. There are couple of reason which may block Mighty Text app to reach other platforms,

  1. As Android is open-source OS, user can customize and tweak their phone however they like. In this sense you have an access to SMS manager which is used by Mighty Text here.
  2. Google has built an environment which has many open sourced products like Chrome, Chrome OS, Android etc. So we have full set of product which can be run on high end laptops/desktops and smaller screen handsets. So syncing is just like having an Ice cream. LOL!
  3. About Mr. Arora, yes he is a former Google Employee and knows the Google world better than us!

Similar products and Raising Competition!

google voice and mightytext comparison

MightyText is an awesome idea by Maneesh Arora. MightyText pushes text messages and calls from Android phones to the computer screen. Yes, there are other products which do similar work but not what MightText does!

#1. Google Voice offers a similar service, but users can’t use the same phone number that they use for their cell phone. Another difference is that Google Voice sends texts to e-mail, not through a browser in the form of an instant message like MightyText does. AND IT’S AVAILABLE OUTSIDE US AND CANADA!

#2. There are Android apps like WhatsApp which does the same thing between Android devices. But problem area is this app creates separate Inbox!

Future Plans!

mightytext registration form

Yes, every company will be having future plans and thus MightyText too!

In the future, Arora wants to extend the service from your computer screen to devices like an iPad. “We want to send texts to wherever the eyeballs are,” Arora says. Currently, only Androids with operating system 2.2 and above can run MightyText; all users have to do is download the Android app and Chrome extension on their Web browser.

Our Views

As I said in the beginning, I spend 16 hours in front of computer I don’t like to worry much about my phone while I’m busy working. And yeah, I don’t want to miss any calls and SMS’s as well. So isn’t it the best product which anyone can own?

Here are the download Links:

MightyText is still under beta and works if you have invite code. Or you might to do some promotions as it says after registration 🙂

mightytext invitation

We have registered for this service. Did you? Please share your views to us as well as @MightyText team. Thanks for your visit! Watch this space for more updates! 🙂

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