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How To : Enable Gmail Preview Pane

Google is always known for innovativeness and they are never slow in adapting to raging war! As you all know Google has lots of products under their brand and as a company it’s more than to make money out of some great product like Google Search, Chrome, Gmail, Adsense, Google+ etc..

We have been covering most of the new features which is getting added everyday inside Google world and today we got  one amazing feature which can really turn the tables and answer to their rivals – “We are still here”!

Google added a new lab feature for Gmail / Google Mail today and expecting to compete against their arch rivals like Microsoft’s Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and few others.

Google added a preview Pane to its mail client under the labs tab. Here is how you can enable it,

Step 1:

Log in to your Gmail account.

Step 2:

Click on “Labs”.

Gmail - labs

Step 3:

Scroll down the list and find out “Preview pane” or search for “Preview Pane”.
Gmail - Settings -Preview Pane

Step 4:

Select the “Enable” radio button

Step 5:

And then click the button “Save changes”

After clicking on save changes your page will be reloaded. Once page is reloaded, you can find a small preview button like below to turn on and off preview Pane.

Preview Pane Original

There are three types of Panes available as of now – No Preview (old Gmail), Vertical and Horizontal Panes.

By default there is a 3-second delay in marking a conversation as read after previewing it. If that doesn’t feel natural to you, you can change the timing in the General tab of settings:

gmail preview panel settings

We can easily understand the need of this feature getting into Gmail In quick session. Maybe we get to most of them to answer Microsoft which recently made a fun out of Gmail and Google Ads.

But who cares? Do you believe these entire nonsense acts by rivals?


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