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How To: Create Your Own Chrome Theme in 2 Easy Steps!

my chrome themeGoogle Chrome comes with best and simple UI which takes very less time to load when compared to other browsers. Here is a chrome app which can beautify your browser with custom themes built by yourself.

Google introduced theme development for Chrome browser as soon as it came out of beta version. And there were many developers who took time and created some amazing theme. But, did you find your favorite theme?

My Chrome Theme is a Chrome App created by the Google Chrome team to help you create your own theme. Believe it or not, within 2 easy steps you can design your theme. You can even share it with your friends!

Steps to create your own Chrome Theme

Before we start with tutorial, download and install the My Chrome Theme app.

chrome app my theme creator


Click on new tab, navigate to apps menu in your browser. Now click on the app you just downloaded. Click on Start Making Theme button. Now follow the below 2 steps to get down with your theme!

Step 1: Background Image

step-1 upload image

Select an attractive image for your theme and upload it or use web cam to take one. The app will upload the image and show you a preview of how it will look.

step-1 theme preview

Once the image is previewed, you will get an option to adjust the image. The options are,

  • Fit to screen
  • Fill Screen
  • Tile Image
  • Custom

At the bottom of this page, you have a slider with two options, Design Mode and Preview Mode. When you slide to the Preview Mode, it adds Chrome Web App icons to the theme and previews this custom theme in New Tab Page.

Once you are okay with the image uploaded and adjustment. Go to next step.

Step 2: Coloring Your Theme

step-2 coloring your theme

In this step, you can change the color of the toolbar, new tab and background tab. You can set custom color for all these or click on “I’m feeling lucky” to let the app choose colors for you, based on the image you have uploaded.

You can skip this step to apply the default grey color.

Give a name to your theme and give a description if you want to (not mandatory). Click on Make my Theme! Button and you are done!

Here is a theme we just created.


Don’t forget to share your new theme with your friends! If you know any other way of developing Chrome theme, please share it with us.

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