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How To: Schedule Google+ Status Update (Chrome Extension)

Google+ is one of the fastest growing social media and networking site. We have come across many tools to schedule Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets.

But today we would like to discuss about a small chrome extension which can help us in scheduling Google+ status updates and more.

Even though the major clients like Tweetdeck, HootSuite, Buffer app etc, are yet to provide Google+ sharing and scheduling features, there are few small players emerging out with their own application.

Do Share – Chrome Extention

Here we found a very good chrome extension called Do Share which allows users to write posts and schedule them for later to be published on Google Plus.

Below are some of the features of Do Share Extension:

  1. Free Rich Text Editor

  2. Save as drafts and edit later to post

  3. Share with specific Circles

UI looks simple and better. It displays a drafted and scheduled updates right below the editor in a single page. But still it doesn’t support direct uploading of image or video.

Since Google Plus does not have a full API yet, user will have to leave Chrome open and logged in to Google Plus for this to work. This is a major drawback, but when these API’s are ready, we can see things better.

Download Do Share

Let us know if you have any other scheduling methods or tricks. Share your thoughts.

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