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How To: Upload Youtube Videos Using Google Drive

Google have finally come up with Google Drive, the Dropbox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive killer. This is a very good move by Google as it’s trying to integrate all their related products which processes files.

The only missing feature in Google Drive is, it allows sharing of photos and pics only to Google+ and Picasa. So it has to be more social to beat the other two giant cloud file storage services (Dropbox & SkyDrive).

As we already know YouTube provides a unique mobile upload ID to all its mobile verified user. Thus, using it, we can easily upload videos by sending as attachments to that ID. Here is how to send a video from the Google Drive as an attachment to the respective ID and, hence, uploading the video automatically.

Following are the steps to be followed to upload  YouTube videos using Google Drive:

Step 1: Go to YouTube Settings Overview Page

Step 2: Note down your unique mobile email upload ID

Step 3: Select the video from the Google Drive web folder

The file which I’ve chosen is of .flv format, YouTube also supports other formats, read here.

Step 4:  Enter the required details

Step 5: The video is uploaded to your account


Note: It takes some time to upload the video, but faster than the normal video uploading process on YouTube.


Thanks for reading and do share it with your friends if you liked it 😀 and huge thanks to Ryan J for sharing this useful tip.


3 thoughts on “How To: Upload Youtube Videos Using Google Drive”

  1. Ronnie Bincer says:

    Looks like an interesting way to connect GoogleDrive with YouTube… I would hope that in the future there will be a more direct connection so you don’t have to do this trick… but for now. This looks good.

    A small suggestion… you start this How-To guide out with the ‘Assumption’ that the Video File already exists in the GoogleDrive… you may want to make mention how the video file got into the GDrive to begin with.

    Thanks… I’ll be sharing this, but on Google+ (a place that your social sharing tools seems to ignore!)

  2. Jake14813 says:

    Also if you choose send as attachment the video hast to be smaller than or equal to 25mb

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