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First Look at Metro Version of Firefox (Design Concept)

Firefox Metro Mode

When Microsoft released the consumer preview version of Windows 8, right after that Mozilla had confirmed the Metro version of Firefox Browser. Recently leaked document shows how exactly the Metro UI of Firefox looks like.




Getting back to the Windows 8 basics, there are 3 types of applications:

  1. Classic Desktop Applications
  2. Metro Applications
  3. Metro style enabled Desktop Browsers

Mozilla is looking forward to building the Metro styled enabled Desktop Browsers, which will be built using Gecko and will be integrated with the Metro environment. Unlike all the other apps, even Firefox will support full screen resolution and touch based interactions, connected with the metro environment.

But unfortunately, a browser can run in Metro mode only if it’s the default browser. So if Firefox is not our default browser, then we won’t able to enjoy the Metro version of it.

Here are the few snapshots we got for you to show how Firefox will look in Metro mode.

Layout Explorations

Firefox Metro UI - Layout Explorations

Interactions across Desktop and Mobile

Firefox Metro UI - Interactions across Desktop and Mobile

Basic Layout

Firefox Metro UI - Basic Design

Awesome Screen

Firefox Metro UI - Awesome Screen

Metro UI Design – Start Screen Mockup

Firefox Metro UI - Start Screen Mockup

Metro UI Design – Tabs Mockup

Firefox Metro UI - Tabs Mockup

Metro UI Design – Web Page Mockup

Firefox Metro UI - Web Page Mockup

The Firefox Metro enabled desktop browser will be included and packaged in the traditional way.

However, it’s still in its very early stages, so don’t expect to see a test/beta build anytime soon. But when that happens we will surely keep you informed. Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks!

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