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Yet Another Zero-Day Attack On Firefox!

Firefox under zero-day attack

Firefox is inching towards its next Beta release and here comes another blow there plan. Firefox users are under attack again!

Zero-Day: A zero-day (or zero-hour or day zeroattack or threat is a computer threat that tries to exploit computer application vulnerabilities that are unknown to others or undisclosed to the software developer.

If you guys remember, on February 18, 2010 Firefox had faced some allegations due to same zero-day attack. The vulnerability was determined to be critical and resulted in remote code execution by an attacker. That time the vulnerability was in version 3.6 of Firefox.

Soon after they found this critical threat, Firefox released Firefox 3.6.2 and fixed the issue.


Zero-day attack on Firefox is back again. According to researchers at Norman ASA, Firefox users who surfed to the site were silently infected with Belmoo, a Windows Trojan that gives the attacker complete control of the machine.

The issue was successful found on Firefox versions 3.5 and 3.6, according to Norman. And they continue saying, once the site got clicked, it connects to two Internet addresses


both which point to a server in Taiwan. Mozilla’s security response team is investigating the issue and hope they will fix this issue soon.

Tech Note: We will update only we get some update from Firefox team!.

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