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Find Related Contents With AOL Offsite Chrome Extension!

aol offsite google chrome extension

Google Chrome is getting better day by day and becoming strong contender for Internet Explorer and Firefox. We have been updating you with all the latest buzz happening around Google and Chrome browser.

Google’s strategy of releasing new version of Chrome browser once in every six weeks is working well. Few of the Google Chrome updates are,

Well Google Chrome is really running on safe side when compared to other browsers. Have you guys noticed one of the biggest problem by Firefox? When ever we get a new version of Firefox, something will be missing for sure.

One of the biggest problem for Firefox users is, they have to wait for their favorite add-on for latest version. This has been one of the irritating thing when ever we update Firefox.

While on other side, extensions for Google Chrome works fine with all the versions.!

Download Offsite Extension

We have been updating you guys with the latest and best extensions for Chrome. Here we got one more best extension like tab candy for Chrome and Facebook Login Background changer!

AOL  released a new Chrome extension named Offsite. Now you can see what’s happening around the web related to the page you are currently viewing. It pulls in related and similar information from news and social sources.

Offsite developer team continued saying,

Ever wonder what the rest of the web has to say about the page you are viewing?  With Offsite, you can see headlines and social buzz from other sites that are related or similar to the page you are viewing.

Unlike AOL Lifestream for Chrome, Offsite loads in a flash.

aol offsite chrome extension with little peel

Working of offsite is just similar to other extensions. But it has got some new and unique advantages.

1. little peel in the upper-left of the web page to slide the page down and see related stuff from around the web

2. see tons of information that relates the your current page

3. see public posts and tweets related to the page or topic you are viewing

4. related headlines from various sites across the web

5. a page heat index that shows how a page’s popularity

6. streaming trending topics on the web – because the latest trends are always cool to see

7. social media share buttons(Facebook, Twitter and Digg), print page shortcut and email this page button.

aol offsite chrome extension social media share

aol offsite chrome extension current trending

As a blogger I liked this extension as it helps in finding many things in same page. Few advantages for bloggers from this extension are,

  1. See who tweeted the article you are viewing
  2. Share the article on Twitter, Facebook and Digg
  3. Get some headlines from AOL which may help you writing new post.

These are some of the advantages of Offsite extension. This extension is still under beta tag and promises to focus on giving consumers interesting content.

Hope you guys downloaded this extension. Please share your thoughts with us and fellow readers. Your feedback may help someone to try this extension 🙂 Cheers!

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