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Update: Mozilla Aims To Finish Firefox 4 RC By February 25!

mozilla firefoxMozilla team is really pushing very hard to get the Firefox 4 out in market as soon as possible! We have been behind Mozilla team and sharing all the latest happenings in and around Firefox 4 development. Here comes another update by Mozilla team towards Firefox 4 development!

If you all remember, recently we got an confirmation about Firefox 4 will have another beta i.e. beta 12 which will be out in market by early next week!

firefox 4 beta 12

There is no end for Mozilla changing its Firefox 4 schedule. Previously Mozilla team had planned to ship the final version of Firefox 4 by February end! But now it doesn’t seem to be out by earlier planned date!

Due to some bugs which were found during building Beta 11 kept them pushing the RC and final version dates. And today we got an latest update which says Firefox 4 RC maybe available by this month end.

During the latest discussion about Firefox 4, one of the member of FF 4 development team Damon said,

Looking at the hardblocker bug list and not counting blocklist bugs, we have 22 bugs without patches (out of 51 open) that remain to be fixed to get to RC.

This is it.  It’s time to do the final push to get Firefox 4 to release candidate.

Time to show fortitude.  We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.  Let’s finish these last few bugs and aim to finish RC by Feb 25th.

Here is the latest update about Firefox 4 bugs,

  • 22 non-blocklist bugs without patches (out of 51 open) that remain to be fixed to get to RC.
  • 91 non-blockers being fixed in the past seven days, and 84 actual blockers fixed.
  • 22 hardblockers remaining without patches.
  • 400-500 bugs fixed since February 3.

Tech Link: Get the latest blockers report.

Well this is the latest update we have got for your with regards to Firefox 4 release. Hope Mozilla team stick to this latest planned date and release Firefox 4 Release Candidate by this month end.

Internet Explorer 9 release candidate has got some some awesome updates and it has already entered browser war very strongly! We are hoping for Firefox to join in soon to watch 3-way battle between Chrome, IE and Firefox!

Are you excited about this latest update? Share what you feel! 😉

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