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First Look At Firefox 5 – A Site Specific Browser!

mozilla firefoxAlmost a year back Mozilla started developing the most innovative version of its browser, Firefox 4. Till today they are busy in fixing the bugs found during building beta versions. And yes, it took a long time!

firefox 4 beta 12
Upon all this, yesterday we got a latest update which said Mozilla is planning to finish Firefox 4 RC by February 25. Well again a delay. It was previously planned for mid of February and Final version by February end.

Well the Mozilla’s vice president said for Mobile Firefox, Jay Sullivan said on his website yesterday that Mozilla is planning to release Final version of Firefox by end of march.

He continued saying,

This date may, however, move back slightly more, if before that significant errors were found in the browser. More beta versions of the browser are expected until we reach zero bug.

Mozilla is yet to release Firefox 4 and has already planning how Firefox 5 should look like!

Firefox 5 is scheduled to be released by first half of this year to achieve the Mozilla’s 2011 plan. Sources have said that Mozilla has already started developing Firefox 5. Firefox 5’s UI modification will be beyond simple chromification!

This week’s UI weekly meeting pointed out some expected features or changes in Firefox 5,

  • Responsiveness
  • Improved Sharing
  • Location bar cleanup
  • Search box cleanup
  • Home tab
  • App tabs global, chromeless
  • Silent updates, stub installer, Mac install experience
  • tab sliding, plugin focus, add-ons 3 sec warning
  • New Tab
  • Taskbar web apps
  • User control over extensions

Following are some of the early looks of Firefox 5 layout,

Firefox 5 CNN News Tab

Firefox 5 CNN News Tab

Firefox 5 IMBD Tab

Firefox 5 IMBD Tab

Firefox 5 Facebook Tab

Firefox 5 Facebook Tab

Firefox 5 Twitter Tab

Firefox 5 Twitter Tab

These images clearly says Firefox 5 will be site-specific browser just similar to Internet Explorer 9. The tab will be dedicated to the site opened on it by integrating a navigation menu and site links within a site tab.

Firefox 5 Search Engine Field

Firefox 5 Search Engine Field

Firefox 5 will with 240px dedicated to search engine field.

Looking at all this screenshots, Mozilla is clearly aiming for web applications by turning websites into apps. The typical Windows shortcut to a website is also changed into an actual application icon.

Well these are the latest buzz by Mozilla team to all of us. Hope you guys are excited to see the next generation of Firefox browser which will be totally different to Firefox 4! Browser war is on! Yes! Firefox is back into Browser war!

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16 thoughts on “First Look At Firefox 5 – A Site Specific Browser!”

  1. Rohit Batra says:

    looks like Firefox is all set to get back its lost Market share now…

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      They will get back strongly. Finally something new we are going to see from Firefox 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts buddy 🙂

  2. Justin Germino says:

    Looks like they are going forward with the same model of making the browser look more like a OS desktop with the icons representing sites, I like the site specific tabs though with tailored options on sites. Still, can Mozilla keep momentum with Chrome?

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Well, its tough to say whether Mozilla will be able to get back their users who shifted to other browsers. But I'm sure that it may attract some new users by adding amazing features like this bro 🙂

      What you say Justin??

  3. Icechen1 says:

    FF5 looks amazing! Looking forward to it.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Yeah buddy!! Waiting for it 🙂

  4. ali says:

    Well, I am using FF4.0 Beta since last 2 months and it was a good change from last FF release. The best thing was its much lesser startup time, where chrome always used to win. Secondly, its more cleaner, the search bar auto-select all when you change the tab is no more there and many other features.

    So 4 Beta is much better than 3 and I expect the actual release to be more robust and stable.

  5. iPhone-Android-WP7 says:

    First Look At Firefox 5 – A Site Specific Browser! | Tech18 via @gupshupblog


  6. Daghead says:

    I think people will flock back to Firefox if it pulls this off with the richness of Prism, as well as the completeness and ease of customization that Prism was lacking. Nothing else for Windows including Chrome does the job of window management right.

    The Firefox menu taking up space in the title/tab bar extremely funky but it would actually be a brilliant way of introducing a preferences menu button into SSB windows.


    "Your browser is for web browsing";

    Your desktop and taskbar are for managing apps

    (smartphone users don't care because for them every web app already gets made into a local app)

  7. Jan Smith says:

    Geez~ I just get used to using one version of firefox and now I learn there will be a new one released soon. My life seems to be in a continual state of learning. Does anyone else get this feeling sometimes?

  8. Rajesh Chaukwale says:

    Wow, this looks very cool. Seems like FF is working hard to get into browser market. Btw, thanks for this information on FF update. Looking frwd for something really special browser.

  9. Bishwajeet @Comptalk says:

    FF 5 looks awesome , will try it after the exams get over at our college

  10. aatif says:

    firefox my favorite browser . it is great news that they r making great update

  11. Aloys @ Yeast Infect says:

    Good move, Mozilla! It was time for them to do something, as the competition are pressing on pretty hard, Google especially. Chrome has a new edge since the introduction of plugins. I think IE is losing a lot because of lack of plugin capability. Firefox or Chrome users are a stable mass because they're hooked on a certain plugin setup.

  12. Gustavo says:

    By looking at the screen shot, I must admit I'm not too intrigued by FF 5.

    But I've used Mozilla as my preferred browser for the past 6 years and each new release it gets better. So hopefully this won't be the exception

  13. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Definitely something will new in Firefox 5 but i hope they will fix some buges like my orbit downloader add-on doesn't work with current version Firefox 4.

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