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Taste the next version – Firefox 4.2 Alpha is here!

Firefox 4 Twitter Party

Well, finally Firefox 4 is here! Hope you all downloaded the latest browser by Mozilla which seems to be best ever browser made by them. Do you agree with me?

Many of you know that Firefox 4 download count on day 1 was almost twice the count of IE9’s day 1 downloads which clearly says Firefox is back on browsers war and already giving a tough competition to Internet explorer 9.

We know that is old news now and every one of you would have come know about it! But, at the time of writing this article Firefox 4.0 was downloaded more than 22 million times and no signs of slowing down   browser’s momentum(at least for now!).

Tech Link: Have a look at Firefox 4 Download Count!

Firefox 4 RC1

Many of you would have thought after Fx4 Mozilla will start with Firefox 5. But Mozilla has some other release plan in between them!

Discussion held on March 18, 2011, Mozilla’s Christian Legnitto said,

There has been some discussion and uneasiness about the point release plan between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5. Yes, there will be at least one Firefox 4.x release.

Well Mozilla has already reserved 16 weeks for releasing Firefox 5. Now why Firefox 4.x release? This version mainly includes the fixes for bugs found during Firefox 4 release.

From now on to reduce version confusion and be explicitly clear the updates Firefox development will be referred to by codenames. Additionally, the update order maps to codename alphabetical order so you can easily see which comes first just by looking at the codename.

There will be mainly two updates between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5. These are names as Anteater and Macaw.

Firefox 4.2 alpha

Well just three days after the release of Firefox 4, Mozilla has already released the next version of Firefox in nightly builds. This version is named as Firefox 4.2.

As said before, “x” has been replaced by 2 in Firefox 4.x!

But maybe there will be another preceding version 4.0.x before Firefox 4.2 which is codenamed as Anteater!

As far now, it appears that only after it will deliver Firefox 4.0.x and Firefox 4.2, Mozilla will move forward and produce Firefox 5.0.

Early adopters can download Alpha version of Firefox 4.2 here. But be careful as this version may have many security glitches and may bite you 😛


13 thoughts on “Taste the next version – Firefox 4.2 Alpha is here!”

  1. Mani Viswanathan @ D says:

    I loved their FF Party. The logo with tweets was an awesome concept. I will give a try to FF 4.2 PreAlpha though.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Yeah bro. I agree with you. Mozilla is really getting back all its pride after an year long development of Fx4!!

  2. Bishwajeet @Comptalk says:

    Firefox 4 is rocking and even the Chrome 11 seems awesome ,gone are the days of IE

    1. Murugappan says:

      Gone are the days of IE? There are still many websites, say for example, those of Banks and online payment still support IE mainly. Also, with the release of IE9, it has got under the list of mordern browsers. Moreover, IE6 is officially almost eradicated by now. They are STILL in the game.

      Having said it, I'm still a devoted Chrome user! 😛

      And Thanks Vinay for keeping us updated! 🙂

  3. Atulperx says:

    Well I installed it yesterday after installing new windows but didn't like the interface . I have again download Firefox 3.5 and it is fine for me .

  4. Bani says:

    4.2? lol.. I didn't even have the guts to test 4.0 and you want me to test the new 4.2… I'm sure it's full of bugs:D I guess:P

  5. Nicholas Teo@Feng Sh says:

    I guess I will only use this version if they give an option to have the old interface back. I could not even find the way to import my bookmark in v4

  6. Deepak says:

    i started hating firefox when i got chrome 11 its a mind boggling browser… even i have installed firefox on my system i rarely use it………..

  7. Harsh says:

    Man, I just checked out the download number and it has moved to 60 million. Thats osm!!! BTW, I read lot of mixed reactions about FF on web. So, looking forward for FF5 now.

  8. shenoyjoseph says:

    i already downloaded the Mozilla 4.2 alpha and it works excellent with its super fast browsing speed and better security

  9. Gabriel Silva says:

    Been using the Firefox 4 for the past 2 weeks, and love it! It's so much cleaner then 3.5, and faster! Great post by the way!

  10. Icechen1 says:

    Already? That's fast!

  11. cyberbob says:

    Hmmm tasted 4.2 not liked much ,and really waiting for version 5 ,till i'm wonder to try 11.10 Opera mini version seems very cool more here:

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