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Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4 Final On March 22!

mozilla firefoxYes, yet another release date for Firefox 4! After five months of delay Mozilla has schedules an another final release date for Firefox 4.

As you all know Firefox 4.0 release was planned to go live on mid of October, 2010 and it has been delayed for nearly 5 months now! Again they changed the schedule and said we’ll release Firefox 4 by end of February 2011 and failed to keep up their promise.

But Mozilla came back again and said, we are ready to ship Firefox 4 on March 22.

On the latest discussion about Firefox 4 Final Release Schedule, Mozilla’s Damon Sicore said,

Firefox 4 RC1

Firefox 4 RC1 has received a very warm welcome; it’s time to make a decision to ship.  As of now, there are no known issues that would stop us from shipping RC1 as final.  At the conclusion of our regular 11:30AM triage session on Wednesday, March 16th, release drivers will decide whether to ship RC1 as Firefox 4.

March 22nd is the day we would ship.  Both IT and Marketing have indicated that March 22nd is an acceptable final launch date.  If at any time we discover issues that would block final release, we would issue an RC2 as soon as possible, reset the ship date, and communicate to everyone.

As you can see above, Mozilla still not clear with release date. It all depends on triage session on March 16th. If they get any issues in between these days, we may also get to see RC2!

Mozilla has a plans of releasing Firefox 5, 6 and 7 also by the end of 2011 which breaks their developing period to 3 months. If you recollect when Firefox 4 development started, it was on April, 2010. Almost an year back!

You can have a look at Firefox 5’s UI design which promises a lot from Mozilla. Hope they stick to the design and provide an completely different Firefox 🙂

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