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First Time in History – Chrome Loses Browser Market Share!

Browser war

First month of 2012 has been an interesting month in the Browser Market. Internet Explorer saw a good growth while Firefox and Chrome have lost a small range of market share.

Last year 2011, Browsers were put on a battle field, so 2011 can also be called as Year of Browser Wars!  . Chrome’s market share grew to a larger extent and hence both IE and Firefox couldn’t expand it’s growth much.

Chrome loses the fight for first time!

Browser market share

According to Net Applications, Google Chrome has lost a small amount of market share first time in a history. From the initial release Chrome never lost the market share. Instead it gave a strong fight to IE and Firefox in just a couple of years!

Chrome market share went down from 19.11 percent in December to 18.94 percent in January.

But our StatCounter has got a different story. According to them, Chrome extended their share from 27.27 percent in December to 28.4 percent in January.

Welcome back IE!

Browser usage on Windows 7

Good news! IE has shown a strong growth in the beginning of the year. After many months we have seen this growth. It ended the month with 52.96 percent market share, according to Net Applications data, up from 51.87 percent in the previous month.

No takers for Firefox!

StatCounter browser market share Jan 2012

Just a day before, Mozilla has released the Firefox 10 to public. It has come out with many new features. Analysts say, Firefox is catching up IE and Chrome in good pace. Even though Mozillians are working hard, users are leaving Firefox.

Firefox share declined rapids in 2011 and it is continuing in 2012 as well. Their share dropped by almost one percent reaching a share of 20.88 percent.

According to StatCounter, Firefox share goes down below 25 percent!

Lots of changes! Seems like 2012 will also witness good fight between browsers. Browser Wars has started!

What  do you think could be the reason for recent IE growth? And what went wrong with Chrome? Share your thoughts. Lets discuss.

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