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Top 5 Features of Firefox 10!


Mozilla has released the latest of version of Firefox – Firefox 10. Although this is not an important update, but still they have added some interesting features with few bug fixes and performance enhancement.

Major updates like all new “New tab” tab has been pushed to the  later versions of Firefox. It is expected to come with the release of Firefox 12. Apart from that, version 10 comes with several new features that attracts both regular users and developers.

Here are the notable top five features of Firefox 10.

#1. Add-ons are Compatible by Default!

Firefox 10 Addons are Compatible by Default

Almost a year back, Mozilla revamped their plans to release new version of browser every six week. This update had become a big issue with add-on developers. The add-ons developed within Mozilla labs are automatically checked for the add-ons compatibility and then published to the Mozilla Addons Store. Whereas the third party Developers had to run the compatibility check on their add-ons for every new release of the browser.

Considering the fact that the 3/4th of the Firefox addons are developed by the third party developers; Firefox marks all the add-ons as complatible by default in this latest version.

#2. Full Screen APIs for Video, Games and Apps

This feature allows developers to build a web application that runs throughout the  full screen. This includes many HTML elements, so developers can build full screen games,  interactive video experiences, presentation software or anything else that should dominate the experience.

#3. No Forward Button

Firefox 10 No Forward Button

Mozilla has eliminated the “forward button” from the latest Firefox browser. But the same control pops up when you navigate back.

#4. CSS 3D Transforms

Firefox 10 CSS 3D Transforms

The latest release of Mozilla’s Firefox brings support for CSS 3D Transforms. This allows web page designers to position elements in three dimensional spaces on the page. CSS 3D Transforms was previously only supported on WebKit-based browsers. This will also allow a web developer to animate page elements.

Tech Link: Demo Link

#5. New Inspector Tool for CSS and HTML

Firefox is poised to deliver some new tools for web developers. When you select “inspect element” Firefox will bring up a breadcrumb-style menu bar at the bottom of the page. To see the actual HTML or CSS applied to that element you need to click the corresponding buttons in the toolbar (or use the keyboard shortcuts).

It’s an unusual design decision given that inspecting the element generally means seeing the HTML (at least that’s how every other browser does it), and it means there’s an extra click necessary to get to the same information that’s just one click away in WebKit and Opera.

These are the top 5 feature which were added in latest Firefox version 10. Many new features are on Mozilla’s schedule. Keep watching this space for more updates.

Download Firefox Ver.10

What do you feel about these latest features on Firefox? Share your thoughts via comments. Thank you.

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