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8 Types of Viral Facebook Status Updates (Infographic)

Facebook, the social network which has evolved from more than 7 years and still growing with it’s New Interface to compete with its killer Google+.

Facebook rolled out their new features recently and since the users weren’t happy with it, they tried switching back to Facebook Old’s Interface, But Facebook never gave up so easily, instead they announced some more important features in the f8 Conference held at San Fransisco.

Below is a funny video by Lamarr Wilson, in which he describes the New Facebook’s features crazily 😛  :



Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site, where its users are always enjoying by updating their status to get noticed with more comments, likes and engagement all the time.

As the New Facebook has arrived, the status updates are shown based on the user behavior. If they are frequent users, then those users are shown the updates in an chronological order and also allowing them to choose “Top Stories”, while in other case it shows only the Top Stories of that moment.

Below is an Infographic by PostPlanner, which lists out 8 types of Facebook Status Updates which goes viral on Facebook  by improving your EdgeRank and getting more likes/comments on that status :




So what do you think friends,is your most popular status updates falls in any of the 8 types of Status Updates ?? 😉 Thanks for Reading 😀

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