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How to Tackle Facebook’s New Interface


Facebook has rolled out many new features and they have completely changed their User Interface, which looks similar to that of Google+. You’ll use it for some time, but the nonstop ticker shows you some unwanted activities of your friends which you would never like to know.

As the Facebook’s Old Interface wasn’t enough to beat the Google+, so Facebook are working hard on their interfaces and features.

Here are some thoughts about New Facebook Interface from my friends 🙂 :

  • @HilzFuld, a tech blogger and a friend of mine, wrote in his recent post about how Google+ and Facebook are fighting with each other by rolling out new features slowly and  changing their User Interfaces frequently, which is making  the users to think of other Social Network.
  • @SharonHayes raised an important question about the New Facebook Interface in one of her Facebook wall post and after a short discussion with her friends, she came to an conclusion that the New Facebook Interface is not for Social Media Experts and it’s a  big challenge for  Facebook to make casual users adapt to this New Interface
  • @mmangen says that the right sidebar ticker is distracting; her as her eyes keep on moving to it
  • @arkarthick feels that the Facebook is the New MySpace 😛
  • @rocksstar likes the the New Interface and hates the annoying ticker, but still find the ticker useful and according to her New Facebook is mashup of both Google+ and Twitter 😀

The most annoying thing with the New Facebook Interface is the right sidebar with the ticker . So here are 3 useful ways to get rid of the New Facebook Interface by removing the right sidebar and ticker :

1. Change the Language Settings as shown below


Note: This trick might work for only a short period of time, as later New Facebook will be enabled for all the other languages as well.


2. Install the GreaseMonkey Script

You can revert the right sidebar to the old interface using an userscript. Click here to Download and install the script. Once installed, it completely removes the right sidebar and brings back the old chat style interface as shown below:

Note : This script works for both Chrome and Firefox Browser

3. Resize your Window

Just try to resize your Windows manually or using a chrome extension which will resize the window and hence the right sidebar is hided.


What do you think friends, is the New Interface of Facebook going to be adapted by everyone or will Facebook give a permanent option to switch back to Old Interface as well? Hit the Comment Section and Thanks for reading 😀

19 thoughts on “How to Tackle Facebook’s New Interface”

  1. Mandeep says:

    The best thing people can do is just get used to having constant Facebook changes come out. Maybe start switching over to other services that are less annoying.

  2. Janet Callaway says:

    Sunil, aloha. Thanks for the tips.  Like so many others, I find the ticker distracting too. 

    Sunil, it was my understanding that come 9/30 we would all have the new interface and there will be no way we can change it.  What do you hear?

    By the way, I like the idea of resizing the window to hide the sidebar.  That’s my kind of fix; nice and easy.

    Best wishes for a terrific week.  Aloha. Janet

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      Hello Janet 🙂

      Timeline will replace the profiles and I don’t think so there will be any way to get the normal profile back, but when it comes to the Ticker it can be removed anytime 🙂

      Happy Blogging & Tweeting 😀

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