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Opera 10.70 Is Faster Than Chrome 7!

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Browser war is ON again! Internet Explorer 9 first beta has got some amazing features. Still IE9 is lagging behind as it is just a initial beta as compared lot of beta versions by Firefox and nightly builds by Chrome and Opera. Well Firefox got chromified. And Google Chrome / Chromium 7 is updating its feature to match IE9 and Firefox!

Many things are happening around. On one side Chrome 7 topped HTML5 test and other side Opera 10.70 beta left behind other browsers in Karken’s JavaScript benchmark.

According to our latest SunSpider benchmark we got one more shocking news for you. The Sunspider test result indicates that Opera 10.70 has crossed Chrome 7 long hold top spot in SunSpider benchmark. Following are the latest SunSpider test results,

Score: 353.5ms

opera 10.70 sunspider javascript benchmark

Score: 357.9ms

chrome 7 sunspider javascript benchmark

Score: 440.9ms

safari 5 sunspider javascript benchmark


IE9 beta sunspider javascript benchmark

Score: 486.6ms

firefox 4 beta 7pre sunspider javascript benchmark

The scores shown above clearly tells that Opera 10.70 beta is running faster than latest Chromium 7.0.360.0 JavaScript engine. The shocking news is Firefox 4 beta 7-pre version merged with JaegerMonkey/TraceMonkey JavaScript engine is still lagging behind and no where in competition.

Tech Link: SunSpider Benchmark test

Recent result of Karken JavaScript benchmark also showed Opera 10.70 beating other browsers. Final answer is still on hold until we get final browser version.

Do you think Opera is faster than Chrome in JavaScript? Well the results says it is. What you think? Raise is your voice and let others know! 🙂

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