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[How To] Create Customized Coming Soon WordPress Pages

Customizable Coming Soon WordPress PageComing Soon Pages are the teasers which are required by all the webdesigners and bloggers whenever they are launching a new product or a website  and also when your blog is under construction for some reasons.

Coming Soon Pages has the following advantages :

  • Branding Solution : It will help you to create a nice image of your product or blog.
  • Increase in visitors : The visitors might like your coming soon page and subscribe to get updates about your product or blog , when it is ready or launched.
  • Brief view : It helps the visitors to know about the product coming soon breifly.

Now we have come to know why we need Coming Soon Pages , so lets know now how to create and customize it in WordPress.

Custom Coming Soon Page WordPress Plugin

An amazing wordpress plugin developed by Mohit Aneja, which can be used to create and display your own customizable Coming Soon Page or Under Construction page to normal visitors or regular members of your WordPress based website or Blog. Meanwhile the Admin has the authority to look forward his blog without this coming soon page , so that he/she can update and fix the blog.

Features of this plugin :

  • Controlled access : Only the Admin can have a look at his/her blog with the themes and plugins installed i.e. a fully functioning blog with dashboard whereas all other vistors will be shown this coming soon page.
  • Easy to Customize:
  1. Content : The Title of the page as well as the coming soon message can be customized based on the requirement.
  2. Design : Both the Backgrounds and the page style can be customized with the options using in it.
  3. Countdown Timer : This is optional i.e if you are launching a product then you can enter the date or else you can just show the visitors the Coming Soon page if your blog is under construction or in some upgradation.
  • Social Networks Integration : You can integrate your Coming Soon Page with Facebook and Twitter, which indeed will allow visitors to get connected with you through Facebook or Twitter.
  • Easy to Configure : This is very necessary for each and every plugin. Once you have installed this plugin , the rest all setting options is easy to understand and implement.

Screen shots and Demo

wordpress-plugin-coming-soon-1wordpress-plugin-coming-soon-2wordpress-plugin-coming-soon-3wordpress-plugin-coming-soon-6'It_'s My Birthday ! Free Giveaway Gifts' - tech18_com_ccswp



========== Click here to Download the plugin ==========

Small Talk with Mohit Aneja

Hello Mohit Aneja 🙂

When did you feel to create this amazing Plugin ??
Is there any story behind this ? Please we all would like to know??

Mohit Aneja says :Recently I have updated my website to optimize its performance ( and I wanted something nice to display the under construction message to my users and needed the ability to work at the back-end at the same time. I created a custom wordpress script for personal use and later optimized it to share with all WordPress users like me in the form of plug-in.

If you feel any more need to be added in the post or any suggestions for the plugin then feel FREE to COMMENT.

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