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Track easily using SatGuide GPS Logger

Welcome back to Tech18, if you wanaa keep a track of the movement of valuable assets or
if you are a Transport/ Logistic service vendor who needs to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business by keeping track of your vehicles Or you may be just wanted to enable GPS on your Laptop.

What ever may be the situation above, Sat Guide’s unique Data logger solution has an answer to all of them.

Catching up with the latest technology, SatNav has added a new Tracking Product named ‘SatGuide GPS Logger’ to its wide portfolio of GPS services.
This gadget by SatNav is fact India’s 1st GPS navigation system. (Car Navigation and Mobile Navigation)

It looks just like a USB Pen drive but with its features like a built-in battery and antenna, this sleek and stylish device can record movement of vehicles for up to 13 hours at a time and thus keeping a Hawkeye on your goods or services when they are on a move.

SatNav is a Hyderabad based IT Product Company that has always been a step ahead in bringing world class solutions for its customers since its launch and SatGuide Logger is no exception.

Just by installing it in your vehicles you can captures information such as date, time, latitude, longitude, altitude and velocity with its built-in Data Logger. It can also keep a record of all the relevant information regarding the travel such as route followed, total number of stops with corresponding waiting time at a location which becomes an important consideration for the later evaluation of the service rendered. Remote monitoring of speed and misuse of assets can also be kept under watch to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

The logged information can then be transferred to a PC or PDA simply via USB or Bluetooth using the included Log Manager software. The data can be exported directly to SatGuide City maps and hence it provides the ability to view maps and satellite images,making it easy to view and overlay location information including position, speed, time, and heading.

Its key features include

1. Usable as either a USB or Blue tooth GPS.

2. Great storage capacity that can store up to 130,000 individual data
points for 364 Hours with 10 seconds
logging period.

3. 13 hour battery life & Configurable data logging settings.

4. Compatible with SatGuide Maps.

Technical Information:

1. SiRF Star III chip set (used for high performance and low power consumption.)

2. 20 channel all-in-view tracking

3. 13 hour(average) operation time made available with a rechargeable
mAh lithium battery.

4. Built-in antenna

5. V2.0, class 2 Bluetooth

6. 72 x 21 x 13.5 mm (including USB cap)

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